Friday, 30 March 2012

Too Much Going On & Help from photographers?

This sadly is not a sky shot post for me today .. there is just so much going on I feel overwhelmed .. so what do I do ? I post about it !
First .. the weather is back and forth so I try to get some things done when it is nice .. yet there are so many things to get done it is freaking me out .. so ? eeekkkkk !
But there are some pretty flowers to make me smile : )

It was a very bright sunny morning when I took these pictures .. maybe too bright ?
Then there is the choice of stepping stones .. if we go ahead this year .. if the budget can stretch that far ?

Very thick .. rough, so we don't slip when they are wet .. VERY heavy ... and we might need 60 of them for the paths I have lined up ... or I might cut back and go with a simpler outline ...

Then there is a further wonderful complication to my life .. one I have waited out for some time and finally taken the dive with .. scary and exciting .. and if any DSLR people have any advice for a newbie it would be very appreciated .. I impressed myself with just getting the strap on and then the basic lens !

My old camera taking a picture of my new camera .. rather ironic ?
So .. again, any advice with using this new baby ... would be very appreciated !!


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Joy,

Your flowers as always are beauties, must get some more hellebores! The camera is a beauty also, my DSLR is sleeping in the cabinet. I have become addicted to my small Canon with the great zoom lens, can carry it in my purse. Well, I must take out the big one and use it when I am at home.


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Ah Congrats on that new camera, it's so shiny and bright. Does it take pictures? LOL

So glad you got it, you won't look back now.

You have bulbs up? I am so envious...

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Anonymous said...

The hellebores are really striking.

The once piece of advice I give everyone with a new camera is really stunningly obvious, I guess, but it's just this: take lots of photos. That ets you comfortable with the camera and, of course, it's a short feedback loop between what you did with the camera and the results you got. I hope you'll have a lot of fun!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your garden is awkening with a beautiful smile of flowers. I can't help you with the camera business. My DB has one of these creatures I can't hold it still enough for most shots. :(

Karen said...

Oh lucky you! Advice, read the many people don't do this!! Then just shoot, shoot, shoot, experiment, re-read the manual...most important...have FUN.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Eileen girl : ) Yes you have to have more hellebore because they are so beautiful and so many new kinds are out they look amazing ! take out the big one and start using it so I have some one else out there I know is on the learning curve with me too : )

Thanks Jen girl it might just take some pictures when number one son picks up my memory card .. I am a nervous new mom to this camera !LOL
Yes .. the bulbs are bursting forth girl ! : )

Patricia girl that is how I think my learning curve will go .. taking pictures .. learning from my mistakes and hopefully learning from my good photos too ! : )
That is the best feed back loop possible eh ? fingers crossed it won't be too bumpy ?

Hello Lisa girl and thank you !
I can't wait to see the tulips and other flowers come to life .. this camera has good stabilization so I am hoping my shaky hands will be under control ! wink wink

Thanks Karen girl I really want to do this right so YES !! Reading of manual is number one on my list and re reading it is number 2 ? wink wink .. and the shooting of many pictures to come to figure out what I am doing right or wrong!

VW said...

Love, love the blue mini iris in the first photo. And congrats on the new camera! My tip would be to turn it to aperture mode and turn the aperture down to the lowest number possible, then enjoy the pretty bokeh (blurring) in the background. That's been the most fun for me. And thanks for stopping by and all your nice comments. Your personality comes through so well - I have a feeling that if we went to lunch I'd end up with soda coming out my nose from laughing too hard.

EG CameraGirl said...

Congrats on the new camera. And I'm jealous of the beautiful blooms in your gardens!

Lona said...

Your flowers are beautiful Joy. Love the irises. Congrats on the new camera. You will have fun playing with it and catching on to how they operate. I am still learning and have given up on some tricks. I delete more than I keep. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Three things, read the book, practice, and get used to the camera on the automatic setting (if it has one) before you try anything complicated.

You will do fine!
I like what you chose.

Cat said...

Congrats on the new baby, Glad things are reviving!

CiNdEe said...

Wow thats a lot of stones(-: Like me and the I know you will have a wonderful pathway!
Love the camera! So nice!!!!!(-:

Meggie said...

Congraz, Joy girl!! A great WOW!

I hate to read instructions!!
My intension is: 'learning by doing'
And than - much later - I read a bit - perhaps .....
Hope you'll have much fun with the new Nikkon!
My Casio Exilim is so small, I can take
it everytime with me.(I hate handbags)
By the way, your pics a great like every time!
Have a nice WE!
Take care

CanadianGardenJoy said...

VW girl ! You are too funny yourself ! Now all I can think of when I see your name is soda coming out of your nose !!! LOL
Yes those little iris are cuties .. and yes ! the blurring method you use on your pictures is a beautiful technique .. I will be trying that our for sure ! Thanks very much girl "with soda coming out of nose from laughing"! haha

EG ! don't you have any blooms coming up where you are ? I thought you would have had that heat wave we had a week ago .. it was amazing ! Hope the flowers pop up soon for you girl !

Lona girl that is digital photography .. deleting all the crappy ones and saving those few beauties .. we could never do that on the old "film" way .. can you just imagine ? LOL .. yes those iris are eye catching aren't they ? Thanks girl : )

Sandy girl thank you very much ! I know reading the manual will happen over and over again but I really like the Nikon for straight forward easy explanations .. that was one of the wining features for my choice !

Cat girl thank you : ) .. we are sort of leveling ? out with the weather .. not enough rain though so I will be watering already with some of the beds .. cold dry wind is NOT a good thing for sure !

Cindee we don't have an estimate yet .. so we have no idea how pricey this will be .. the labour is more than the stones .. it is a labour intensive job so that is where most of the money will be spent .. eeekkkk !

Meggie girl thank you .. this will be a much bigger camera to drag around but I am hoping for great results in about 6 months ? LOL
Yes .. I have to learn by hands on method but reading this manual is not as bad as I thought .. Nikon is pretty savvy with ease of use!
PHEW !!! haha

The Garden Ms. S said...

Oh my, spring has arrived! I just got back from beautiful Victoria and was wowed by spring in full force. Alas, it snowed here in Edmonton today. But it already started melting so my heart is lifting again! Nice to see some COLOUR!!