Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wordless Wednesay ? Not Quite !

Some times I can do "wordless" but not today .. plus I am in a hurry .. it rained last night so the ground is a little softer again after the cold snap after that incredible "heat wave" we had .. talk about the garden being confused ? .. let alone me ? .. which is a constant state of mine anyways.
On with some photos of yet more garden pots that I really don't need but could not resist !
A trip to the "Dollar" store and here were some clay pots that I thought were rather striking plus you can NOT beat the price !
I love the aboriginal look of the designs on the two outer pots.
Then the middle pot was just simple yet detailed and although bugs are something I am not crazy about .. I am deeming these  ones "Ladybugs" even though they look like scarabs ? a little ?
I could not leave this post without a little colour in the garden with the typical Spring flower parade beginning ... who doesn't like a bit of Spring right now ?
During that very warm weather I got a bit carried away with trimming back .. my poor lavender is a bit shocked when that really cold snap happened .. but I know either it will come back or I will replace it .. my garden can NOT be without lavender !
.... and there you are a "Potty Post" for Wednesday !


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Those are cute little pot additions to your garden. Love the crocus blooms. Looks like that cold snap is over and we are back to more seasonal temperatures.

Lona said...

Your crocus blooms are just so pretty Joy. I am loving your new pots. The ladybug one is so sweet.

meggie said...

Hi Joy girl,
Wonderful pots!!
I love the crocus - the same as mine ;-)

No milk today ... nonsense: no mail today :-((

Take care,

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

I buy garden art for my garden from Dollar stores. I love those little pots. From experience, some clay pots from the$1 stores do not last long, but as you say, the price is right, so it really does not matter.

Cat said...

What a potty post!
I love ladybirds so you know my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Dollar store you say? I could use a few of those pots. Thanks!

We had a bit of snow today. Not bad, just an hour's worth. I doubt that it hurt anything growing.

Marguerite said...

I just noticed the picture titled Plant Tag Tantrum. LOL, it can get a bit confusing at times can't it? Thanks for the beautiful crocus photos. We finally got the warm weather but it was gone just as quick so the plants didn't have time to react. Just as well as we had a nor'easter blow in yesterday and everything's covered in snow again.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Linda girl I was just admiring those pictures with the goose navigating the water way .. great shots girl ! Gray rain day today .. I can use the rest: )

Lona it is amazing what little treasures you can find in the dollar store eh ? LOL

Meggie girl you can say no milk today .. I will get what you are trying to say .. hey .. I know it did come now though ! LOL

keewee that is so true .. we go through a lot of clay pots but I don't mind .. they bring a little touch of whimsy and they aren't too expensive .. we rent them ? LOL

Cat girl I thought a potty post was needed ? LOL
Yup ! some how I knew that would be the one you liked the most: )

Sandy I won't be surprised if we get snow once again before this is over .. it is quite cool but we have rain so far .. fingers crossed !!

OH NO ! Marguerite more snow ? but it will melt fast I am sure .. right ? I read your posts on the wooden floor project and it was amazing ! So much work but now it is a stunning floor .. I wasn't sure about the red .. but it is beautiful !

Carrie said...

crocuses are so beautiful but for me it's the better brasher cousin - the tulip that scream spring and I am in heaven at the moment with the blooms :)
I did the same with our lavender at the lottie :( = gone. ACTUALLY - no! It was the hubby did it.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Carrie girl the lavender may come back .. it just looks sad right now with our cold snap that came back ;-( .. my tulips take a little longer .. but I am really looking forward to them too !
Hope to get some great pictures of them : )