Thursday, 23 August 2007

Falling into Autumn ?

I want to post information on an assessments of what I think worked in my garden this year and what plants I would recommend to other gardeners in my weather zone which again is 5b .. Kingston Ontario.

I will have to start backwards, as what I last planted is the freshest in my mind right now.
I rediscovered old standards .. White Swan and Magnus Echinacea plus Goldstrum Rudbeckia. I picked up these plants in 1 gallon pots at a great price .. who can ignore a sale ? especially a plant sale dancing in front of a gardener ? haha
I have been using them to fill some gaps in the borders and so far they even look quite good after I went on a mad tear getting them in .. I broke my own steadfast rule of bonemeal being a must when putting in new plants .. now how wicked is that I ask you .. VERY !!

White Swan ... what a beautiful scent ! .. I just didn't realize or I had forgotten .. I had a few of these lovelies in my car .. aka .. the "Plant Mobile" .. got out to buy a car wash token and BAM !! ... there was an invisible cloud of a light, sweet perfume that was fresh yet heady at the same time .. unbelievable .. I had to get right into the flower, to make sure it was what I thought it was. Yes .. people who saw me do gymnastics in the front seat of my car were appalled and shocked .. then they saw it was a plant I was bent over .. phew ! close call there.

I was a kid all over again ... excited over the old "new" love of yet a wonderful standard plant that should be in every garden.
Baby Swan .. a new cultivar of this standard holds its own talent very well. I planted three of these gorgeous hardy ones and they have been blooming their hearts out for me ..

So that is the first installment of my plant journey for this past year.
Stay Tuned : )

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kate said...

This is a great idea - to go back and think about what worked and what did not.

It is always such a treat when you have a surprise like the White Swan.