Friday, 31 August 2007

Work in progress !

No garden blog should just be about "pretty pictures" .. At least this shot shows the potential work I have ahead of me .. I began to dump pots yesterday as we had bags of garden cuttings to bring to the green recycle dump. I have made a pact with myself that this will be the year I have a clean potting table section in the shed .. tools cleaned .. pots cleaned .. everything I can put in order will be CLEANED ! ... I'm exhausted just typing this out .. phew !
A practical job waiting for me is topping up the mulch .. I am a 'dyed in the wool" MULCHER .. and have switched to black instead of the red for a more complementary background for the plants .. the red was too diverting to the eye .. plus pictures come out much better without that glaring at you !
So .. the work schedule is shifting into Autumn mode .. good luck to all who sails into it !

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