Thursday, 25 October 2007

Sutherland Gold Cutleaf Elderberry "Sambucus"

Small unimpressive picture of a very pretty shrub/small tree albeit. The colour is second to the leaf structure interest in my view .. that is also the draw to Black Lace sambucus along with the dark dramatic colour of course .. I intend to cut this one back so it will be a bit bushier and really play up those gorgeous leaves !


Anonymous said...


I am concerned that my elderberry is diseased but I see from the picture that yours seems to be ill also. Do the leaves wilt and turn brown annually as yours appears to be doing - as is mine.

Thanks, Joan.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello Joan .. I really had to back track to find this post ;-)
No .. this was during a very hot dry summer , coming into the Autumn .. I hadn't kept the watering up at that point to keep it in really good shape .. and it was coming up to the Fall ...
The good news is it is thriving still (Sept 09) has beautiful cut leaf structure .. I cut it back a lot in the Spring to promote fresh growth .. no sign of any disease .. I have Black Lace Elderberry too .. no problems with pests .. it is a very vigorous shrub/tree. So now you have me wondering what is going on with yours ? do you have a picture or have you searched the net for possible problems ? .. what zone are you in ? .. if you would like to know more just drop a line here again : )