Monday, 24 December 2007

Last Night's "Dusting"

The last 30 hours or so have been one wild ride in the weather .. back to rain from the frozen grip .. then back to snow from the rain of the jungle drums .. very early this morning was a tricky event .. me standing on the kitchen chair with the deck door open trying to get a shot of the garden ( still not in sync with all the wonderful options of the new camera .. DUH !) .. not thinking that one of the fur-babies would dare go out the door on me (totally indoor cats) .. well Ms. Lucy did just that and it SHOCKED me ! .. of the two I thought Sophie would be the "runner" .. So here I am .. in nightgown .. BARE feet charging out the door for a convict cat on the RUN .. thankfully Lucy saw I was more than up to the challenge and made a bee line back ..
So .. next pictures are of a mysterious BIG FOOT appearance on our deck ... hum .... wonder how that happened ?

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