Saturday, 22 December 2007

Why Didn't I think of this EARLIER ??

I had a "brainstorm" this morning as we were steeling ourselves through the crowds of shoppers today. It hit me at Loblaws .. talk about a huge "DUH?" moment in my life when it came to Xmas decorations .. We decorate with fancy schmancy artificial hoopla .. OK .. I do love our fake Xmas tree with the lights already strung through it .. saves hubby from scratching his head to the point of threadbare ? condition .. BUT .. I miss the smell of the real deal .. no spray or "oil" can duplicate that heady aromatic cloud I love to bury my senses in.

As we drove into the parking lot of Loblaws (aka "look out you crazy people" ) .. they had a sale of GREENERY .. yup !!! .. the real stuff .. needle dropping, incorporated smelly good stuff ! .. It hit me in the head like one of those cartoon hammers .. boink boink !! .. why didn't I get the real wreaths for both sides of the door (ingenious double sided wreath hanger !) BEFORE ????? ... I guess because we had wreaths up the hoopla (love that word) I didn't think to get any .. then when the brain cells activated and shouted "are you mad woman ? .. this is a SALE !! ... on top of the "real smelly droppy needle thingy !!!" ..
So I start assessing which of the selection would be the best for smell factor .. have you ever buried your nose in wreaths outside a store with masses of people gawking at you wondering if you dropped a contact lens in there, or WHAT the hell is WRONG with YOU ? glances ?.. Some how it didn't bother me a bit .. I was in olfactory heaven .. flashes of childhood were bombarding me .. remember those times ?.. smelling REAL trees, eating WHITE snow ? .. soggy mitts (Euuuwww ! .. ok .. not the soggy mitt thing) .. In any case .. I went for the plain Jane one .. no added pine cones or cedar leaves .. hum .. now I think it would have been nice .. drats !

The point of this one sided conversation is .. next year I intend to get two of the "REAL DEAL WREATHS" .. and stick a few decorations on them to tart them up a bit .. but it is the smell factor that I am looking for .. never mind the dropping of the needles in the front entrance .. I don't think the cats will choke themselves .. I'll brush up on the kitty Heimlich maneuver to be on the safe side though .. may get a few more hairballs out at the same time ?

I just want to smell those smells again .. Christmas smells .. it isn't all about the food (although it seems to be, most of the time ? who is going to argue with Christmas baking etc .. ? NOT ME !

There you are .. Plain Jane wreath, but completely sniffable, for that Christmas smell fix !

Don't forget to watch Mr. Bean's Christmas .. THAT is a MUST !!

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