Tuesday, 8 January 2008

How Gray is Gray ?

Well .. here is a study in the colour gray .. January gray .. mid-winter gray .. cabin fever is on its way GRAY !
We have had a warm spell that brought rain which washed a lot of the snow away .. now we have a wind warning. The only way I know that is because I have the cute little weather menu installed as an icon button on the lower tray here .. it flashes me ? when some unusual weather effort is coming together .. in this case WIND ..
I don't know why "gray" fascinates me .. scary yet interesting. The hail storm last June had me almost under the kitchen table (like the scene in War of the Worlds .. silly actors under almost the same table ?) ..
I think right now, it is just a thick, fuzzy blanket that covers the sky keeping us wondering what is coming next ? Kingston weather can turn on a dime .. I clearly state to anyone who enters our "Twilight Zone " of weather ... LOOK OUT ! .. something wicked this way comes.

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