Tuesday, 19 February 2008

I said YES !! to Home Sense

I intend to post some pictures with this commentary .. but for some reason EBlog is not behaving .. maybe it thinks it is still Monday ?
I had to have a "garden FIX" today .. it was just one of those days that I truly truly needed something to light up my life .. the winter .. the past sadness of loosing Lucy .. just everything was getting to me.
I didn't have to explain myself to hubby .. he seems to know when the blue funk hits me .. so when I suggested he drop me off at Home Sense while he went to Canadian Tire (we both love that store but this was a gasbar moment for him) for cheap ???? gas today.
He was fine with that .. and boy oh boy I could get out fast enough .. my heart was HAMMERING in my chest .. that store does me more good than any medication in the world could (I just hope no one who works there reads this .. it is embarrassing to LOVE a store this much) ... I got in the door and whammmmm ! ... is this what love felt like so many years ago ? .. this is on par with the best chocolate fixes .. ok .. fudge too, I have ever had.

I even grabbed a cart .. last thing I said to hubby " I'm just looking .. really !! ... just looking !"
The cart was a dual purpose safety feature .. for people around me .. and me ! .. I need my personal space there even though it is nearly impossible. There are other gardeners that come to this mecca for a fix too and we begrudgingly nod in each other's direction even as were circle around wonderful garden art that there may be only ONE of .. then it gets scary ..

I am one of those people that try desperately to stay polite .. after all .. Canadians are world renown for their cheerful politeness right ? .. well when I clap my eyes on something that grabs my pounding garden heart .. that is it .. I will do just about what ever it takes to grab that sucker .. to hell with everyone else in this store "that baby is MINE!!" ..
I'm so glad the cart idea came to mind as soon as I came into the store, because WOW ! .. I hit pay dirt almost instantly .. a cement snail shell planter ? .. yes it sounds rather mundane, but it had to be MINE ! .. and I got the sneaking suspicion some one else's eyes were boring a hole in the back of my head when I hugged it to my body .. I even hated to put it in the cart but I did because this thing was HEAVY .. next I nailed a neat tripod ? obelisk ? type plant support thingy .. but there were more than one of these .. I was safe .. no dual had to be won on that account.

My satisfaction was seeping over me like I had just consumed chocolate maple fudge .. I know .. there is something seriously WRONG with me ... BIG sigh.
It was further fueled by the comment of a woman behind me at the cash .. she said "that is a beautiful piece for the garden" .. then and there I knew it was her that bored the hole in my head with those longing glances to my treasure ... oh the utter perfection of achieving my prize !
Hubby ... good grief ... I left him at the book section and forgot about him until I stored my treasures in the truck .. I actually had to go back in the store and get him ! .. now that is one heck of a twist !
End of wonderful saga of the day .. picture to follow if Blogger pulls its socks up soon !
BIG contented sigh ..... aaahhhhhhhhhhh !


robbinscabin said...

Too Funny! I've had moments like that. Haven't we all? It kinda reminds me of the EBAY commercial: Shop Victoriously!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Oh boy, oh joy. You know you have to keep him close, or very far away (if you are trying to sneek something.} I'm so glad we all shopped today.

Kylee said...

Great finds!!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Oh my ! .. it just struck me about that commercial now too .. hehehe ! Yup , it was a good almost garden moment for me : )

Aunt debbie .. isn't that just the way to plan it .. next trip I make , hubby will be on a golf trip in South Carolina .. so I should be safe ? LOL

Hi Kylee ! .. thanks for stopping by and yup ! I love my treasures : )