Saturday, 19 April 2008

Naked .. but now not so much ?

I know .. I'm pushing the envelope with that title .. but there is a reason. I am so tired I can hardly type this out .. but today the arbor mission was accomplished .. These pictures are not the best, but I think the point is made .. the first 'un-arbored" ? one was April 10th .. nothing showing of all the day lilies I have along side this part of the house .. "ally-way" bowling ally? .. it was my rescue bed for over stocked day lilies .. that I eventually give to friends.
But I had this great idea of an arbor .. to look nice with a vine (my ornamental kiwi if I can get it dug up from its home in the sun bed border) .. plus make it difficult for some nasty people who would let their dog use this area for a not so nice surprise .. that and the dead mouse episode is UGH !! to me ..
It looks like it should have been a simple easy project .. believe me .. it was NOT ! .. hubby and I vowed that we should NOT work together like that again .. he does have the patience of a saint I will admit .. and he says I'm too opinionated ? LOL
Eventually I will have the grass gone .. nice stepping stones and different hardy plants here and there .. but for now this gigantic "step" has been wrapped up for the most part. The fun begins with the plants to come next .. that is what I can really enjoy .. and hubby can finally take his boat and go fishing without me nagging him about getting "this" done : I fill in the ugly meters and piping with all sorts of plants and grasses .. having something "ugly' to deal with brings out the kid in me .. tweaking what ever strikes my imagination and what the nurseries and garden centers have on hand. I love window? plant shopping !


Crafty Gardener said...

I bet you are as tired as I am. I should say I bet you two are as tired as we are!! It's the ground work that takes the time and muscle. The fun part will be adding plants.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, Joy! That *was* some title!!! And let's just say that I can feel your pain--my neighbor constantly let his (unleashed, of course) dog come into the yard to do his business, and *then* somehow discovered that he had wandered over and started shouting at him to come back. A couple of times, maybe; hundreds of times, no coincidence. We began marking where Molly "went" with pink flags so we could find them to clean up after her, as I elaborately explained to the neighbor, and-- shock surprise!--suddenly his dog was excreting on our property far less often. Grrrr. But now you have all the fun of planting to look forward to. More pictures, please! (And I'm sure Emma's growing by leaps and bounds, so don't leave her out of the slide show. Every time I visit your blog and see her kitten photo alongside, I just want to say "awwwww...")

Nancy J. Bond said...

Your arbor is beautiful -- I really like the design.

Rose said...

Love your arbor gate! I want one so bad, but can't decide where to put it. Looking forward to seeing your finished project.
I haven't stopped here in a few days, and now I remember why (besides the fact that I hop around from site to site till I'm hopelessly lost)--it's because if I keep looking at pictures of Emma I'm going to have to go get myself another kitten. She is adorable!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello Rose ! .. We had to do something about this ugly ally way .. I'm almost tempted to ask my neighbor if I could plant a pretty ground cover on her side.
Emma has started today off with being very naughty .. like a wicked toddler day ? Sophie just sits back and watches the mischief .. and grins like a cat who knows the ropes already ? ..haha
Yes .. the fun is in the plants I can experiment with there : )

Nancy .. I thought the simple yet tall style was just perfect !

"ben" .. we are lucky it isn't our neighbor .. she is so nice .. but loads of people walk their dogs down our street .. so it is a wanderer ? that allows their dog to do this .. not the dogs fault but I would love to get a hold of the owner for sure !
Your description of what is going on in your part of the garden world was lovely !
Emma is "naughty kitty" today haha

Crafty .. sun burnt .. aching muscles .. an ouch day today girl ! LOL

Amy said...

Love the arbour - I've been wanting one for years :) Putting in plants there is going to be so much fun - it's going to be lovely!

Cinj said...

Wow, what a title! That arbor is great. I can't wait until I can afford to add some of that wonderful detail to my garden.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cinj .. Thanks ! .. it took hubby and I a bit of time and sweat .. and grumbling at each other (we are like kids when we have to do something together .. haha) .. if anyone had heard us they would have LAUGHED.
Yup the fun part which is the plants .. yipppeee !

Hi Amy ..It is so plain and sad looking between houses with no planting or hardscaping .. so I'm really trying to jazz it up a bit .. I'm so glad our neighor really likes it too ! LOL

J said...

That arbor looks great! And it looks like you have a nice solid foundation for it, too. Really, really pretty! Cheers to you and your husband!

It's going to look wonderful with a vine growing over the top, too.

Happy planting (once the muscles stop aching)!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Jared.. thank you ! Good thing not too many people could hear our commentary .. phew !
But yes .. it is on a very solid foundation .. I can testify to that one for sure ! .. now .. if my plan works out right .. the ornamental kiwi vine will be the first vine to cling to it .. note ... first vine ? LOL
Thanks for stopping by !

Anna said...

It looks perfect. It will be fun to decorate all around. I never know when to stop that decorating thing. I keep adding plants. I saw the cutest gate today at the big box. I'm going to get it on Wednesday when I go back to work. I was really only just thinking about it till I saw yours...then I just had to have it.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Anna ! ... you nailed the problem I have too .. I never know when to quit because I'm having a blast with planting !
This is a real problem area that was bothering me for ages .. when I saw this gated arbor I thought YES !
So now when you buy your gate Anna .. I want to know EVERYTHING you plant around it girl : ) . I think I must be part owner since I inspired you ? LOL