Monday, 28 April 2008

Rain Day .... phew ?

Yes .. I know .. the deck and bench could really use a lick of paint .. why didn't we listen to our friends when they said do NOT stain or paint .. leave the wood in a natural state .. hum ? .. maybe that is what it is headed for now ?
HERBS !! .. Dave is guarding them, by the way .. he likes to be useful and was totally bored posing in the snow for pictures this winter.
Pretty much the same old same old herbs for me .. because I really LIKE them ! Flat leaf parsley, Tuscan Blue Rosemary (I must have rosemary ! .. it is the law by my own decree .. haha) .. golden thyme .. more for just being pretty .. Dill is another gotta' have it .. the smell is wonderful .. have known it since I was a kid .. Purple sage for pots perhaps .. since I am a purple sage freak .. I go on and on about how tough and beautiful it is .. I haven't found a basil I like yet .. one year it was something like St. Michael's basil .. the most aromatic i have ever had and now the gold standard is encrypted ? in any case .. cooler temps and this rain is a relief .. respite ? .. give my perennial transplants a leg up to survive the heat and humidity that is coming. So .. that is my rain day blurb .. in love with herbs !


J said...

Joy, is your Tuscan rosemary a special kind of upright rosemary? I love rosemary, too. Apparently, it has some slight hallucinogenic properties. Whenever I have rosemary-seasoned whatever for dinner, I have pretty intense dreams that night!

My favorite herbs are sage, parsley, and thyme. Lemon thyme, golden thyme, regular old thyme, I love 'em all.

We grew dill last year, and I thought the look of it was wonderful. Plus, I harvested a lot of the seed at the end of the summer. Is dill seed caraway seed?

We're having rain now, too. I am very grateful. Stay dry!

easygardener said...

I grow basil every year as I love it. However there are some kinds that I can't stand - I just don't like the fragrance.
I stick with the large leaved Italian Genovese, and the small leaved Greek varieties.
Pasta and home made pesto sauce - Yumm!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi easygardener !
yes .. I know what you mean about the scent of some herbs .. you either love it or hate it. So many remind me of childhood .. funny enough I didn't use the St. Michael in anything .. gave it to friends, but found the scent fascinating ! Sounds like some one is a good cook over there : )

Jared ! .. I didn't know that about rosemary ! .. now I will have to remember to keep track of my dreams following a rosemary seasoned meal ! LOL
Yes .. Tuscan is my favorite . Stronger, heartier plant (even though it won't overwinter here) I keep buying new ones every Spring .. it is well worth it !
I have perennial sages, savory, thyme and golden oregano with purple sage is beautiful together in the garden !
I love the smell of dill and fennel .. I have the fennel reseeded for every year but not the dill for some reason.
No .. caraway is a different plant altogether .. I grew it in a pot but didn't leave it long enough for it to set seed sadly .. we love caraway too !
Sunny for the next two days but COOL !