Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The Sophie and Emma Show

"Emma ... come over here and check if my breath smells fishy to you ?"


Cat said...

Most cute!

Love your photos!

Barbee' said...

They are so cute! Kerri at has several pretty cats and has written about them several times with pretty cat photos.

Don't bother with replying; just putting my 2 cents worth in about the cats. Sweet faces.

Anna said...

I think those furr balls give you loads of fun. They do have the sweetest faces.

Cinj said...

Awww. Cats do so many things to make us smile. Isn't it fun to make up words to go with their actions?

Viooltje said...

LOL LOL ! Does it now ?

GardenJoy4Me said...

Violet ... I could NOT resist that caption .. Sophie is a bit vain and it seemed perfect for her to draw Emma in on the act ! LOL

Cinj .. it cracks me up every time I get a picture like that .. all these one liners strom through my mind .. hahaha

Anna .. there is a naughty side to the sweet side . Emma has a thing for bathroom towels .. she must grab them to the floor (her mission in life is to make things chaotic ?) LOL

Barbee ... yes ! I have to get back there and see Kerrie's blog again . Thanks for the two cents girl ! LOL

Cat .. you have a very unusual site .. edgy ... I like it !

Anonymous said...

Ha!!! From Emma's reaction, it looks like the answer is YES!!!

Cat said...


Drop on by any time!

GardenJoy4Me said...

"ben" .. Emma always has something to "say" about Sophie .. when she isn't bugging her .. she has an opinion ! haha

You are welcome cat !