Thursday, 29 May 2008

Garden Blues

I think I have the garden "blues" today .. three posts about different blue flowers that are blooming. This one is my old stand by .. my first .. nepeta .. Nepeta mussinii in fact .. cat mint has a different kind of spicy scent .. not everyone likes it .. I do .. although I wouldn't make a sachet from it .. it is still rather nice .. and those blue flowers aren't bad either !


Anonymous said...

Another beautiful, restful combination!

Sue Swift said...

That corner looks really lovely - cool and fresh. Love the nepeta.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Sue .. this gets more late morning-afternoon sun .. so I have to take the pictures early in the morning .. me out at 6:30 AM is a scary thing girl ! LOL

"ben" .. I didn't realize how many blue flowers were on the go until I started posting the pictures .. funny how it doesn't click until you do something like that ? LOL

Gail said...


Very nice combination...and I will head out to see your other posts when I finish here...How is it that I keep getting behind in reading!

I have Walker's Low catmint...I find the blue muted and wish I had a long sunny sidewalk so he could be massed. I saw this at the botanical garden and it was really good looking.


Water Roots said...

Your garden is so lovely and inviting, and the photos on your website are beautiful. I love gardening spaces; they're the perfect place to sit with a cup of coffee, relax and appreciate the little things in life that are so important.

Rose said...

I love blue flowers! And your front flowerbed is beautiful. I like the way you place different plants together; I've always been too much of a "plant in rows" kind of person, but I'm working to overcome that flaw.

Whoops, almost missed the girls on Tuesday (where have I been? I don't know..)! Emma is getting so big, she won't need the mothering much longer.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Rose .. it seemed that there were so many blues out in the garden when I took pictures that day .. I think I break every rule that goes on with gardening .. I'm a rebel ! haha .. Emma is stretching out a lot .. but she burns off her food so quickly she is skinny (wish that would work for me ? haha) .. they grow up fast : )

Hello Water Roots .. thank you ! .. I spend a lot of time just looking and appreciating how my garden is maturing .. I guess the gardener in my soul is finally FREE ? haha .. I don't know what I would do without it .. wonderful stress breaker : )

Thanks Gail .. I'm way behind in reading too .. it is just such a busy time of year for us .. and it will be for a few more months yet .. we wait all winter to go garden mad ! haha
I have to catch up with you too !