Monday, 12 May 2008

Gold in the Garden

Originally I was just going to post about my Gold Mock Orange shrub .. then while I was looking at the pictures I took yesterday, I realized how much gold I have planted. Usually when gardeners talk about "gold" it is reference to great compost or fantastic garden soil .. that too is literally gold for us.
The colour is what I seem fixated on though. I really like to see that "hit" of gold every so many feet or inches in some cases. Gold Creeping Jenny will roam well on its own .. but not so difficult to pull out when need be.
I also have a gold Spirea (Flame mound ? Gold Mound ? ) good heavens it has been a while since it was planted .. in any case it is a gold colour.
Chardonnay Pearls Deutzia is a little off center with the picture of the "leaning to the left" mystery clematis ? I fell in love with the first one (CPD) I bought a couple of years ago .. had to have a second as a back up (tell me other gardeners do the same thing PLEASE ?) .. The white buds that pop into starry flowers are just amazing .. so that is a "white gold" combo working for me.
Sutherland Gold Sambucus is that multicoloured fan of leaves picture .. it has a beautiful cut leaf that is a gorgeous greenish gold for this afternoon shady area .. it is my poor man's Japanese Maple like the Black Lace Sambucus I have as well. Shrubs/mini trees with a delicate cut leaf will substitute for me in that department.
I even noticed that the ornament with the glass globe is also in a gold tone (heaven knows how I got out of Home Sense with one of these in my hands after that catastrophic collision I caused while trying to fish this out of the display .. I still shudder at that shopping moment).
So I guess I have a weakness for gold in the garden .. anyone else ?


Nancy J. Bond said...

Nature's first green IS gold. :) Beautiful.

Amy said...

Oh yes, I love anything golden and glowing!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Amy .. it is a wonderful eye catcher isn't it ? .. I'm addicted to seeing those spots for the completed ah ha ! LOL

Nancy .. it is amazing how it brightens our spirits after the winter .. enticement to shine up the garden ? : )

Anonymous said...

Simply luscious, Joy! Thanks for sharing!!! I too love the golden creeping Jenny, and fell in love with the deutzia just last weekend after seeing it at my brother's!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi "ben' isn't that deutzia something else ? I keep forgetting to mention the golden oregano I have evry where too .. but I bet you guys see that in the pictures too. Thanks ! : )

Cinj said...

Oh! Love that gold color splash. It adds a little sunshine to your plot. Fabulous.

I have gold mound and gold flame spireas. I guess you can say I had a spirea collection that I left behind!

I like the idea of a backup of favorite plants. I've done that with my peonies! I guess it helped that 3 of them were free though. It looks like I'll be passing some peonies along to more gardeners within the next year or so!

Anonymous said...

love the the spirea. I have gold flame and lime mound in my yard.

GardenJoy4Me said...

nestinstyle hi ! .. they are amulti-tasking shrub aren't they ? .. I have a new mini one in the front and it is really cute .. same GOLD affect.

Hi Cinj .. we do tend to form collections don't we ? .. this is my first peony .. I chose a single flower type for the less drooping issue with rain .. I'll probably buy those support hoops for it eventually .. I use one of them for my Lady-in-Red fern now.
I do back up plants when I can !

happinessrules said...

Hi! I love your pictures(!) and gold plants are also one of my favorites - especially creeping jenny! I really like it in containers next to green and purple plants.