Thursday, 22 May 2008

Lady in Red

The first fern that really grabbed my attention was "Lady-in-Red" . Don't get me wrong .. I have always loved ferns .. even as a kid they smelled absolutely wonderful to me. Almost a comfort zone in fact. Now as a gardener I have the chance to learn about so many different types. I also thought of a great way to support that "vase" affect for this fern .. peony hoops !
The first fern I actually bought for my garden was a 'log fern" .. now that one takes a long time to "get happy' in its digs. I actually bought an Ostrich fern (can you believe THAT ?) .. hence loads of babies for difficult places such as the end of our drive way where the boat rest in summer, when not in use .. and my car slumbers through winter .. tough spot .. even tougher fern fern.
I have different Japanese painted fern (Silver Falls, Ursula's Red, Metallica ) cultivars .. a Ghost Fern (cultivar from a Lady fern mix) .. Japanese Beech .. Korean Rock ferns,Christmas .. well you get the idea .. lastly a very temperamental Maiden Hair fern still waiting to see if it will honor me with an appearance or has it been done in from this hard winter ?
I guess you can see I am a huge fan of ferns and would love to have a large enough garden for a secluded woodland, with ferns as the backbone.
When the lottery kicks in ! .. 'ben" ... you have me dreaming of THAT again ! haha


Anonymous said...

Aaarrgghhhh!!! Now I want all these ferns, too!!! (Heading out for lottery ticket...) And somehow, yours look more lush than mine (sigh). Love that red!!!!

GardenJoy4Me said...

'ben" ... you have to have the red head too ! LOL .. wait till all of them are in full wow mode .. you will have to buy more lottery tickets ? .. hey .. I have mine in a special green box .. tickets that is .. not ferns ! haha

Rose said...

Wow, you do have a lot of ferns! I bought some ferns last fall from one of those mail order companies that send you a little root wrapped in dirt,but they didn't come up this spring. They're sending me free replacements, though, so we'll see if I have better luck. (I haven't won the lottery either, so I'm trying to find the cheapest way to grow them.)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Rose .. it can be disappointing with mail order companies (the look of the poor little root) .. having said that .. there are some great companies out there that stand behind their product and will replace plants that didn'tcome through. I have had that as well. I will be making the changes slowly even with out the lottery .. but jeez .. it would be fun to have it all done at once ? haha

easygardener said...

A gardener with a lottery win - I'd be in heaven.
I find the common names of plants fascinating. In the UK the Ostrich Fern is known as the Shuttlecock Fern as it resembles a badminton "ball".It's such a lovely pure light green when young.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi easygardener .. I can see why it would be called that that you have said it .. we used to play a lot of badminton as kids .. I like the common names with some history attached too .. and yes .. a gardener with a lottery win ? Yahooo ! haha