Monday, 16 June 2008

Clematis 'Warsaw Nike" (baby version ?)

This is the first year for 'WN" flowering in my garden. I bought her/him ? last Autumn at a garden center sale you could not pass up .. not clematis for $2 .. not these gorgeous beauties. My main concern was that I am always a little nervous about how they will do. Sometimes I just completely forget they need a little extra attention .. some times they get a little BONE DRY .. yikes ! .. I know .. I feel VERY guilty when that happens .. but so far, so good with the new kids on the block .. This deep rich purple is amazing. I can't get just the right colour to show up in the pictures. If you are familar with this one you already know how beautiful this 'royal' purple comes across. I am a fan, and I hope to keep it going a long time to come, in my garden !


Niels Plougmann said...

It is such a beauty! I will have to get that too, since I like these colors and I am up to trying some more type 3 clematis (Late large flowering´). Sadly some of my clematis of this type died from the instant death fungal disease ... but others like the montanas, alpinas, and viticellas are foolproof!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Neils thank you so much for visiting my blog. i had a quick look at yours as you were talking about Bourbon roses (I have ZD this year) .. and I want to take my time and wander through you blog .. I like your attitiude about roses !
Hopefully I won't have to go through clematis wilt ever again ... once was enough a few years ago .. BIG sigh !
Thanks for the suggestions and yes ! You have to get this one .. it is a beauty !

Nancy J. Bond said...

What a rich, jewel-like color. Beautiful.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Nancy ... I'm just so glad to see blooms this year .. I wasn't sure it would like its new home after plunking it in so fast last Fall.