Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Growing Gate

It is going to take a couple of years before this arbor gate will look the way I see it in my garden mind. The day lilies along the side of the house help green up, soften, and yet brighten the look .. not all hard lines ? The two clematis seem to be happy .. in fact I see some flower buds .. now that will be a bit of real colour happening "on the dark side" of the moon ? hum ? .. OK .. house.
I see my Xmas shaped Yews are loosing their Xmas tree shape .. time to snip that soon .. hope I don't go over board .. pruning and I seem to think more is better .. is that a woman thing ?


Anna said...

I'm always more is better;) I like the gate and remember when you put it in. I want one on my side yard too. I think hubby is going to make one for me this winter. We don't have all that snow to deal with like you do. We can work in the garden year round.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey Anna .. I can't imagine being able to garden all year round .. I think I would drive myself into the ground literally ? haha
I do love the four seasons .. and I know you love Halloween like me .. 149 days till the BIG day/night by the way .. ahhh ! can't wait .. what was I saying ?
Oh yes .. hubby making you an arbor gate .. you have to start picking out designs and what vines you want to "hug" it girl ! haha