Thursday, 5 June 2008

Joe Pye .. is he your guy too ?

I just call "him/her" Joe .. but the whole shebang is Eupatorium Purp. Maculatum 'Atropurpureum" how is that for a mouth full of botanical SHEESH ! I can't tell you how these little guys just sprang up in the last 24 hours .. and again, once they get going .. stand back ! they are great for vertical interest .. attracting and feeding loads of beneficial insects .. and just a great back of the border plant to have. get to know 'Joe" .. I think you will like him a lot !


lisa said...

I like joe, but he gets mighty tall! I put him against a fence, and a couple divisions are going on my riverbank to attract bees. I have 'Cherry' Queen of the prairie, and she stays smaller for my garden areas. (If you follow the link, scroll down about halfway for info and picture link).

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Lisa .. Thanks for the link : )
There are a few smaller versions also like "Little Joe" .. but I didn't see them before I put BIG Joe in .. if only I had more room ?
They are marvelous plants to have for the butterflies : )