Saturday, 28 June 2008

No Show Raccoon BUT 3 Cats ?

Ok .. another post without garden pictures .. how awful is that ? .. I'm going to have to do something about this later on .. garden pictures to come !

However .. the progress report on the 'Godfather Raccoon" aka "FB" ... slick fellow .. 2 cats in trap last night .. wonderful neighbors were out watching and let the little convicts OUT ... this morning hubby hears about it from said neighbors, and he lets yet a 3rd cat out ! .. neighbor says these cats WON'T be back after that experience ..
Meanwhile .. Godfather R is laughing his A** off in the attic as he watches the show with his little beady eyes, and dexterous little paws smothering the snorting LAUGHTER over the continual human comedy show trying to out smart him ? .. Monty Python could make a movie out of this one ?


WiseAcre said...

Time for a bigger pest. Why don't you lock up the critter ridder guy in the attic. A night or two of bad company might be enough to drive the raccoon away.

cindee said...

The coon is probably having a great time with this one. This is his summer entertainment. Three cats...thats pretty good for one night...LOL Your cats are probably going nuts too. This raccoon probably has been trapped before and knows all about it.

Brenda Kula said...

Well, you're making a virtual-blogging-experience movie out of it youself, hon! I can't wait for the next part of this saga!

Gail said...

Have you baited the cage with some gooey cookies? It worked here!

Nancy J. Bond said...

My goodness, the critter is still up there? You' think he'd have to come out for food or drink by now. What crafty stinkers they are! Glad the cats are free. :)

Aiyana said...

If the neighbor cat doesn't quit coming into my yard, bringing bird eggs and stuff and leaving it all by my hose bib, I'm going to get a trap myself. He quit using my fire pit as a litter box when we had a cover built, and has lost his appetite for my lizards, but has now started bothering nesting birds and prarie dogs. I'm not sure he's as bothersome as your racoon, but he's bad!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Aiyana .. that cat sounds like a neighborhood THUG ! .. do you not have by-laws about roaming cats ? ... we do but it doesn't stop the owners from letting them ROAM .. I would consider trapping and dropping the cat off at the SPCA .. that might just work !

Yes Nancy .. we mean no harm to the cats .. although they should NOT be allowed to roam outside .. but this Godfather raccoon is omething else .. and so is this so called "pro" we hired ... he won't be getting his full 'pay" for the job .. and he will be getting an ear full to boot !

Gail .. if we baited the cage with gooey cookies .. I would be in the cage !! it isn't the bait so much as the raccoon KNOWING what the jig is ? LOL

Brenda ... when and if we ever get this settled .. I swear I am downing a full bottle of dry white wine and going to bed for a week girl !

Cindee .. I think you nailed it on the head .. this raccoon knows what the mission entails ... and he is not going to be caught .. "Bond ... F.B. Bond, that is, "stirred but not trapped" .. again .. "FB" as in Austin Powers reference to a certain character !

Wiseacre ... that is probably the BEST advice yet sir ... I have no liking or faith in this so called "pest control' guy .. he is an IDIOT who is lazy to boot .. we are doing HIS work for him .. maybe he IS smarter than I give him credit for .. he and FB racoon are in on the deal together ????

Bfenda Kula said...

Couldn't find a way to email you... I left a link in my post today to your blog about the raccoon. Go see's a horrific baby bird dilemma!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Brenda ... got back to you in your blog .. I'm crazier than the raccoon is now ....... BIG sigh !