Thursday, 19 June 2008

The story of two 'bugbanes"

The upper right hand corner is 'White Pearl" bugbane .. she is a bit more low keyed than 'Brunette" to the left. Pearly does send out a flower stalk earlier and those beautiful bottle brush flowers are very pretty to see earlier than most bugbanes. Brunette on the other hand .. well those dark stems and lacy foliage .. how can you not love seeing that contrast. I try to tell each of them they do a unique and awesome job of showing off their potential. Now if only they could answer back ? .. maybe .. it is a good thing they can't ? haha


George Africa said...

The bugbanes are interesting to me and I grow 5 right now. The "bane" party is especially odd because come August it seems that the bottlebrush flowers draw more insects than the opposite.

The name change from cimicifuga to actea was tough to take but when I looked at baneberry leaves in comparison I could see the correction was appropriate. I especially like the darker ones such as Pink Spike and Hillside Black Beauty but they are all nice. Atropurpurea has to be placed correctly as that one grows and grows over time. We have one that Gail once had in a pot, then replanted in a garden, then recently moved to our new nursery. Last year it exceeded 9 feet. We left it intact last fall so that all winter the scapes and flower heads danced in the winter winds. Nice plant with real garden architectural strength.

George Africa
The Vermont Gardener
Vermont Flower Farm

Nancy J. Bond said...

Beautiful greens -- what a lovely little nook that is. :)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi nancy .. it is almost my most favorite corner too ! wink wink

Hello George Africa !
Thank you for stopping by and with all your great information. I have 4 types right now and my last purchase was Hillside Black Beauty .. I have to admit to really liking the darker dramatic ones. Wow ! .. 9 feet .. now that is fantastic .. I don't cut my back till the following Spring so I too love the winter interest they display .. plus my Karley Rose grass makes quite a statement .. i have a small back garden compared to so many gardeners .. but I SQUEEZE a lot in .. and it is a specimen garden. I love that continual interest.
Thanks for stopping by ! : )