Thursday, 31 July 2008

A bit of the back and side .........

I know .. I wish I had been able to do a split picture of how the side looked way back in the early Spring and now, although I think the most colourful time of the garden has passed from this side .. and 'gray" coloured mornings make not so great pictures on the whole I am finding out .. but I throw caution to the wind and bang out a post while my head is banging with one heck of a headache .. I can't help but spotlight Karly Rose fountain grass because 'she" has been extraordinary .. I can't say enough good about it as a focal point in my garden .. I love it .. and yes .. the flower ? heads are a dusty rose, so there is that 'pink" factor again with me ? LOL
I hope to be recovered for a garden day tomorrow .. it has been too long .. I can feel the back twinges starting even now .. haha


Brenda Kula said...

Oh, it's so beautiful! I love everything about it, and it's so colorful! My gardens are looking like dried up bones in this dreaded heat. Do you have migraines? Nothing works for me with a headache on one side of my head but prescription Maxalt.

Jim/ArtofGardening said...

Your garden is lovely. It's good to see a wide shot of it and to see it so lush!

Cat said...

As always gorgeous!
Thanks for the last reply, sorry to not get back to you sooner, I've had a house guest in my puter room and a fibro flare to boot!

Best wishes!

cindee said...

Wow beautiful!!!!(-: I love your yard!!!

Nancy J. Bond said...

Joy, how beautifully everything has grown and filled in! Simply lovely. As is Miss Emma...she's a big girl now.

Northern Shade said...

Everything is looking so good in your garden. The fountain grass is such an eye-catching focal point.
I like your first long shot of the side garden.It's such fun seeing the change over the season isn't it?

Anna said...

Emma's look is funny. I think it looks like she is studying your every move. She's in tune to you and it shows. She's going to know everything about you;)

Love your garden today and I don't think it looks drab in that light but rather quiet in a delightful sort of way. I love the grass too. It looks like my purple fountain grass up around the plumes. You have so much cool stuff planted and displayed around the garden. I love it.

Hope you feel better.

Sheila said...

Beautiful garden! It must keep you very busy!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there Sheila : )
Thank you ! .. it has been running itself for a while and the rain we have had has helped a lot .. but I have to get on the ball and dig in with some work today .. it has been on auto-pilot too long ? LOL

Anna .. a big yes to that .. Emma is so curious about everything .. not that Sophie isn't either but Sophie listens when I say 'NO!" a lot more often than Emma does ..
Thank you ! .. some mornings it is so gray but yet bright the pictures look faded to me .. but I keep snapping away : )
I love to have a plant ZOO .. lots of different plants so the variety is certainly there even for a small garden I have to admit : )

Hello there Northern Shade .. Thank you for stopping by ! .. YES ! .. when I have time after the season ties up I want to do those split shots some how ... of the changes through the season .. I love seeing that in everybody's garden too ! : )

Hi Nancy .. yes, the perennials are finally filling in very well .. soon I'll be lifting and dividing .. wish I had some garden friends near by to share with .. but I'll find homes here or next door ? LOL .. yes , Emma is a sort of teenager now ? LOL

Hi Cindee : ) ... thank you so much ! .. I hope to visit blogs on a rain day soon ? after I catch up on house cleaning .. groan ! LOL

Cat .. don't worry about it .. I have been having a flare and still have had to drive the body to wrap up some projects .. but aren't we lucky to have such comfortable beds girl ? LOL

Jim .. my goodness ! hello there : )
I have missed going to your blog (along with my other favorites) .. there just doesn't seem to be enough energy or time for so long .. but it is a must see soon !
Thank you for stopping by and the compliments sir ! LOL

Thank you Brenda ! .. we have been lucky with rainfall otherwise with being so busy my garden would be dried up too. YES .. migraines .. left side of my head .. agony yesterday .. I have a script but it didn't work and I just wanted to do about anything to dull the pain .. stick my head in the freezer but it was so hot I defrosted some food ; ) .. just kidding .. but yes .. horrible migraines.

Gail said...

Your garden is beautiful! You have a way of combining plants that make them all shine!

Give the girls an ear rub from me!


Roses and Lilacs said...

Your garden looks absolutely wonderful. I'm south of you, mine is past its prime.

I'm looking for something to replace a miscanthus. I'll check out Karly Rose. If it is hardy for you it should do well here too.

Tell your kitties I said hi.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Marnie .. Yes ! Karly should do well for you with no problems .. and .. I have to admit it is planted in almost complete sand .. I have the weirdest soil ? in the back garden .. part sand pit .. part clay .. but I try to amend the soil with plants that need it .. grasses are very low demanding plants .. phew ! LOL
Kitties napping nicely .. thanks : )

Gail .. the girls appreciate the ear rubs .. Sophie loves doing head bonks for them .. Emma isn't sure but allows tail playing (it is so big and fluffy !) ..
Thank you .. it is hard to really pictures how plants will look as they mature some times .. a lot of LUCK happened for me girl ! haha

patientgardener said...

What a lovely garden

Katarina i Kullavik said...

Your garden is fabulous! Enjoy the end of summer in your beautiful surroundings...

Darlene said...

Wow I LOVE seeing your pictures in your gardens. It must be lovely there because it is just beautiful and serene looking. Your flowers just seem to pop from the screen!!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there Darlene : ) .. how's it going down south there ? hot enough for you ? LOL .. it has been smothering here.. yuck !
Thank you so much girl ! .. some days my pictures are kind of blah .. but when people like you say there are pretty .. that is a boost ! : )

Katarina .. it is terrible to wish away time but I can't wait for Autumn .. it has been a stressful summer and there is at least 6 more weeks of hot humid weather .. but I'll soldier on girl .. enjoy your time too !

Hello there Patientgardener .. I have to get over to your place soon and see what you have been up to ! Hope all is well over there : )