Saturday, 19 July 2008

'Karly Rose' Pennisetum orientale for WOW Factor !

One of the most favorite ornamental grasses I have is Karly Rose a pennisetum orientale. I wasn't sure when I first planted it if it would take because it was just in our zone .. and sometimes that just doesn't work .. every garden has a micro climate and thankfully mine is fairly well insulated .. I have grown Golden Jubilee Hyssop for 4 years (just loosing the mother plant this Spring but I have babies .. phew !
In any case .. this grass has been such a wonderful surprise for a few years .. I have actually moved it and worried that I most likely made it mad at me and it would up and leave my garden .. but no .. another phew ! I do have to bind it after it comes out .. sort of mid July because heavy rain can make it look very sad and droopy .. but it has a Venetian obelisk to cling to and actually you can't even see it when Karly is at full tilt it grows that high .. I would recommend this as a feature grass for wow factor in any garden !


Cat said...

Totally wow!

We're looking for grasses at the moment, but I'm not sure which will manifest yet.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cat .. doesn't matter which one you pick .. you will really like the contrast to the other garden plants it creats !