Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Thinking in the garden day ....

This is how I feel at the end of this garden day. Reflective .. even pensive about how things are going. Raccoon Man finally came and collected his trap .. tail between his legs .. the guy had the nerve to whine about not being able to come earlier because of the weekend ? .. oh, and he forgot to tell us how to set the trap ? ... loser !! has left the building !
Hubby was up on the roof cleaning out all the silly wire from said SILLY guy .. cleaning the gutters .. just cleaning in general and hoping F.B. Raccoon, who has been a no show for about 48 hours .. has found another stomping ground to park his carcass ? I'm not wishing THAT on anyone .. I just want it out of here !

I spent hours in the garden trying to whip it into shape .. cutting back .. watering, fertilizing .. pruning with climbing up and down the ladder too many times to count .. hubby raking flying debris .. you know how you can be crazed driven in PRUNING mode when preoccupied with other worries ??? .. things are cleared out, well and truly proper, while I was in that mode.

So .. I need to sit back and rest up for a bit .. get ready for the next battle in other words .. and yes .. poor Emma .. she is in heat .. Sophie wants nothing to do with her .. nature can be cruel .. July 24th can't come soon enough for us all to get her spay operation over with .. poor little girl .. poor Sophie .. poor us ??? LOL


Brenda Kula said...

Poor Emma! And Sophie wants nothing to do with her? How sad. When preoccupied, I scalp the poor plants in the yard. I had two luscious Boston ferns earlier this season. And I started chopping. And when I was through, there wasn't anything left! Anything! I kept thinking the roots would kick back in for me. But alas, many months have passed and it is just empty pots...

cindee said...

Poor Sophie. I hope it doesn't last to long for her. They can be so annoying when the time is here. Meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! LOL
Glad Mr. Raccoon is not bothering you. Hope he moved on too(-:
I had a pruning day today too!! It must be in the air. I was on a mission to get things cleaned up and pruned. I got a lot done and came inside and took a nap(-:

Gail said...

Poor Emma, Sophie and you guys! When did she grow up?

J said...

I do some of my best thinking, sorting things out in my head when I'm in the garden. So does B. Very meditative we are in our gardens.

Gosh, I hope you can get rid of Mr. Raccoon soon. And hang on until July 24. Can Emma continue to be in heat until then? Hope not!

Michael said...

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Anonymous said...

Poor you is right, Joy! (And poor Sophie!!!) A cat in heat is *not* a pleasant sight. But on the plus side, no more Mr. Raccoon!!!

Rose said...

Sounds like you put all your frustration to good use--hard work in the garden, that is. I hope Mr. Raccoon has made a permanent exit.
Poor Sophie--and you--hope the next few weeks fly by quickly!

GardenJoy4Me said...

'ben" hubby looked this morning and no signs FB Raccoon was at anything in the hotel ? .. minus side .. none of the contractors came yesterday .. Kingston is a notorious city for things like that .. prime example was Raccoon Man ? haha .. Emmie seems almost ok in the day .. it is the evening when her hormones JUMP ? LOL

Jared .. I think that is the case for most serious ? gardeners (meaning addicted to gardening and plants ? LOL) .. we find comfort when surrounded by the garden .. I can't explain the feeling but it is a good one .. aren't we fortunate to have that in our lives ? : ).. Emma will cycle 7 to 10 days so there will be a break in it .. BIG sigh !

Gail .. I have never had a cat/kitten that went into 'heat" so early .. so we WERE shocked to see this happen. 9 days after she turned 5 months .. it does happen as I have read on the net .. and you actually have to pay more for a spay operation because it takes longer .. they have to be careful with extra bleeding issues .. now I will be totally worried about it all .. we have a great vet and clinic .. but these last two years have been torture with loosing two of our beautiful girls.

Cindee .. I was a madwoman gardener with the pruning .. glad hubby helped with raking up the bits and pieces .. I came in and had a shower , got in my pjs .. conked out .. just couldn't move ! LOL .. I know how you felt with the need to nap girl : )

OH Brenda ! .. it is hard to stop once we get going on a pruning mission .. poor ferns and the buzz cut ? LOL .. at least we learn from episodes like that ? LOL
I have to be careful when I'm really in a MOOD .. not to go near the pruners that is .. I would be hacking at EVERTHING ! : )

Roses and Lilacs said...

I wandered onto your site quite by accident. So glad I did. Your photography is wonderful. I'm enjoying myself just looking at your photos and reading about your garden and cats.

Love your kitties. Sophie is quite the beauty.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Rose .. i think you are right .. I just went headlong into garden work to get all of this raccoon stress out of my mind for a bit .. the only problem is the BIG OUCH afterwards .. LOL
We will get through this .. I keep that mantra going around in my head .. but Sophie isn't quite as sure as I am ? haha

Hello back Marnie !
I just came from your gorgeous blog .. those roses are amazing .. I have another blog to keep track of now ! : )
Thanks for stopping by !