Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Time Away .............

I'm going to be very occupied by things other than my garden for a while (hard to believe I said that .. yikes !).
I haven't been working in my garden for way too long and it keeps raining here with that heavy hot humid weather .. killer for me.
Emma goes in for her spay Thursday morning .. stays two nights (a good thing) and we pick her up Saturday morning .. so I'm really tense with that .. the last two years have been so sad with us loosing two of our cats .. I can't help but worry with a huge knot in my stomach.
Then a chain of events with mattresses .. bedroom furniture .. well .. lets just say we went out and did a full sweep of getting new things (my god I can't believe what a new mattress of superior quality FEELS like ! haha
And then the chain reaction to linens .. drapery ... well you all know the drill ..
So .. busy calling charity shops to pick up old furniture .. glad to see it go to good use .. trying to paint an accent wall QUICKLY before new furniture comes ..

The list goes on and on .. the point of my post is I will be away fro a while .. I have been dropping in the favorite ranks on Blotanical as it is .. so my activity level is beginning to show up there too .. another yikes.
In any case .. I hope to catch up eventually actually visiting all your great blogs out there .. I'm sorry to be so neglectful guys .. but .. winter will be coming ?? LOL
Take care everyone !


Anonymous said...

Courage, Joy! Congrats on your ambitious redecoration---sounds fantastic!---and good luck to little Emma!!! Our thoughts and prayers will be with you both...

Crafty Gardener said...

Real life interferes with virtual life! I found that out, and now realize that a lot of places I felt I had to visit got by just fine without me so I'm putting my time to better use.

Gail said...

Hey...your popularity hasn't dropped with me! Take care and plan some fun with all the projects! Gail

garden girl said...

I know the feeling Joy! I'll be looking forward to your return and thinking good thoughts for Emma's surgery.

Congratulations on all the new purchases. It's funny how one thing leads to another when it comes to home updates and purchases!

My sister bought her boyfriend a new microwave that goes over the stove with an exhaust fan for Christmas. It didn't quite fit in the cabinet space, and he ended up doing a complete gut and remodel of the kitchen! While the plumber was there he had some work done on the shower which was low on water pressure, and the next thing you know, his two bathrooms ended up being remodeled!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Wishing Emma well. I know its hard not to worry.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Marnie .. thank you ! .. it feels like we just brought her home not so long ago and now she has gone through two 'heat" cycles hard to believe .. we have an excellent vet in a great clinic .. but you know how the worry eats at you. Thank you for the good thoughts !

Garden Girl ! .. you gave me such a good laugh .. thank you ! .. I had a near panic attack this morning figuring out that one room is too tight with all the new furniture .. my poor husband has to watch me turn my head 360 while screaming .. not a good thing .. but we figured out 'son" can have one of the chests ..
I laughed over your story .. how true is that .. is a BIG yes !
Thanks !

Gail .. thank you ! .. I'll think fun thoughts when it is all done and dusted .. in about two weeks or so ? LOL .. that is the only time I can think .. when there is some PEACE and QUIET ? haha

Crafty .. I know you are right .. I need to stop worrying so much about everything .. hard to do when yo are as much a control freak as I am .. but I am really going to try hard to do this ! LOL

'ben" you are so sweet .. thank you .. once it is all over and Emma is doing well .. and the furniture fits ? and I can lay on that wonderful comfortable bed .. I don't think I will get up out of it for a week (except that eating and bathroom thing ? LOL) ..
Thanks !!

Brenda Kula said...

Send that rain this direction! I know how you feel about the pet-worry. Same as me. She'll do fine. And what mattresses cost these days! You'd think they're made of gold.

VP said...

Hope all goes well with Emma, Joy. Real life MUST always take priority over any virtual one. We'll still be here when you get back.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Thanks VP .. things do get a bit stretched at times .. and the stress does crack me up (more than usual ? haha) .. you are a sweet Dr. Who Pal ! LOL

Brenda .. this is one wet summer we are having .. haven't seen anything like this in over 9 years .. I would send it if I could girl !
And yes .. WOW ! the price of mattresses .. but we thought , holy smokes .. we do spend a lot of time in/on the beds .. so spurlge this time and get good ones : ) .. I have to admit .. one comfy test run in the store, embarrassing or not .. it felt like heaven ! haha

chey said...

Joy~ A break is good for the soul! Hurry back~ I so enjoy your wonderful sense of humor:)!!! I hope all goes well with Emma during her surgery.

Warmest Regards,

Cat said...

I hope all is well with Emma!

We just picked up a new bed, OMG!!!
I is designed for people with Fibromyalgia and My quality of sleep/life is improving daily!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cat .. all is well with Emma .. she is home and almost good as new ? beds make such a difference with how we feel .. I'm enjoying this one ! LOL