Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The Triffids are COMING !!!!

Yikes !! .... The Triffids have escaped from security and have invaded my garden .. sneaking up on this unsuspecting rose, who is minding its own business, while these monsters are quietly surrounding it ready to convert any colour but green to green, and reshaping any foliage a said flower head to meet stark requirements of thistle and jagged toothy foliage. Will this poor rose escape them ? Will I find it swallowed up into greenness and sharp angels ? Stay tuned to see what these Halloween like hooligans do next to innocent plant bystanders !!!


themanicgardener said...

They do look threatening, don't they--except for those flower "buds" (surely that knob is too big to be a bud?) which look more like the tribbles of Star Trek fame.


Cinj said...

Oh no! They look interesting, but they need to leave that poor rose alone. Silly plants.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey Cinj .. I thought it would be funny to see a rose between some "thorny" looking plants ? : )

Kate ! You nailed it .. they do look more like "tribbles" .. when that spikey head starts to change to the blue it does .. they do look great : )

Anonymous said...

Wow--despite being threatened, that rose sure looks healthy, Joy! I'm impressed!!!

Gail said...

They used to be here in the garden but when we moved all the perennials to the kiddie pools for one summer they died! That was the summer we built our porch...

Indeed sdd looking but the electric blue is attractive.


Anonymous said...

what a joyful (:-) post! Absolutely delightful. I'll stay tuned.

Wurzerl said...

I think you will have a great garden picture, when the pink rose is blooming together with the blue thistle. It' s one of my favourite combinations!!!
Have a great week Wurzerl

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Wurzerl ! .. I'm waiting to see that rose open in combination with the blue globe thistle too ! I hope I can get some great pictures to post on the combination .. fingers crossed ! : )

Thanks Diane .. hoping I'm still a little "sane" with this raccoon adventure still going on .. BIG sigh !

Gail ... your porch is so beautiful .. if sacrifices had to be made .. I'd make a few too ? LOL
I'll trade any day girl ! haha

'ben" .. this is the "Blossomtime" rose I ordered with the two others from our mail order company in Prince Edward Island .. they are a great company .. the Orange Velvet rose is the smallest .. but I think it may be too crowded .. so things might have to move .. that is what gardening is about .. right ? LOL