Sunday, 3 August 2008

The scent of HONEY !

Buddleia Davidii Nanho Blue and Royal Red are my two stars that are bursting with flowers and scent right now in the garden. It is so amazing to me that they smell like honey .. must make the bees wonder what the heck ? is going on here ? .. aren't we supposed to be making that stuff ?

I once made the mistake a few years ago .. impatiently waiting for signs of life from "Black Knight" which was a bit pricey back then .. I thought it bit the dust during the winter .. dug it up in frustration .. then the light went on afterwards and I realized I dug up a perfectly wonderful plant that is a little slow in the Spring to get going .. learn from me please ! Give your plants a chance to show you for SURE that they have gone to plant heaven ? ; )


Brenda Kula said...

I planted this very butterfly bush this past spring. I'm looking forward to watching it grow, and bringing me endless hours of beautiful visitors.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Brenda .. you are going to love it ! the scent is amazing .. the beneficial insects that it draws in are wonderful to watch .. they can get quite large which mine are finally doing .. wouldn't you know I need to move one ? .. come Spring .. I really like these guys !

Anna said...

I'm growing a new Butterfly Bush called Lo and Behold--it's beautiful. I had to move it to a sunnier location and it has doubled in size. I'll take pics tomorrow and show you. Do you cut yours back in the winter? This is another one I didn't know had a smell. You are very informative. I'm going to stick my nose in mine tomorrow and see if it has a scent. Yours is beautiful.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Anna .. just be careful when you stick your nose in it girl ! the bee factor could be tricky ? LOL
I love the waffting scent of honey when we walk into that part of the garden .. it is fantastic .. and they have gotten so big this year it is remarkable. I cut mine back in early Spring .. it needs its own foliage over the winter to protect it self here .. and they are late to bud out .. I learned my lesson when I dug up Black Knight and realized too late that was what happened .. darn ! (I said a lot worse than darn at the time : )