Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Almost blue ...............

This variegated Porcelain Berry vine is working up to making its berries turn blue ! not by holding its breath .. although that makes a funny picture in my head .. there are things that go on in my head that just aren't open for discussion .. most times .. menopause ?
In any case .. these berries turn such a vivid blue they look fake .. really .. I'm not kidding.
The birds don't care what colour they turn .. they are delicious to them .. so I'll just keep my opinions to myself and let nature take its course !


Darlene said...

How cool is that!?! I am learning so much about plants thanks to you!!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely vine & the berries are an added bonus for the birds & you.

Brenda said...

Yes, MENOPAUSE! I blame everything on MENOPAUSE! I think I scare young women with the very idea of: "Just wait till you go into MENOPAUSE." I'm always saying that to my grown daughters. My oldest daughter got mad at me one day and said, "Well, you'll be dead by then." And I said, "I wouldn't be too sure. I'm just 17 years older than you!" Oh, the joy of getting to watch her go through MENOPAUSE. Isn't that mean? (Of course, I'm going to blame it know.)

Joanne said...

Now I think the Porcelain Berries want a comment after the Golden Sage got all that attention! The berries look great, but how do you keep all these plants happy ;)

PS said...

The thing about birds...
You can't live with them and you can't live without them.
I think that's how it goes.
Did you say Men O Pause ?
Humm,I was thinking of a joke and now I forgot it.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Patsi ..I think a lot of the time .. hum .. but remembering what I was thinking is another issue too ! I try to hang a notepad and pen around my neck .. but I forgot where they are .. and heck .. I'm sweating too much for THAT ! haha

Hi Joanne .. I'm just the maid in the garden .. do the tidy up and serve drinks when need be ? haha
And yes .. there has been "fall out" about the press coverage the sages had ? : )

Brenda .. there is a huge ballooned population of menopausal women because of the baby boomer thing .. if we concentrate our force field of symptoms we could take over the world hirl ... then see the men squirm ! LOL

pgl .. I reaped the benefit of plant searching during the winter with that one years ago .. I love the net .. so much out there to be dicovered in the garden world yet too !

Hi Darlene .. you are welcome girl ! .. more to come with this winter coming up .. I love discovering new plants and going on the HUNT ! haha

walk2write said...

I don't believe I have ever seen this vine before. I would love to try it, but is it invasive or well-behaved? Right now, I am just peri-M, not quite to the big M but working on it. My wonderful daughter has already started teasing me about sagging mammies and other "perks" of growing older. Like Brenda, I am determined to live long enough so I can return the favor.

Eve said...

Hold thier breath and turn blue..ROFLBO...: )

Sign seen outside a home in New Orleans, after Hurricane Katrina:


GardenJoy4Me said...

Eve .. I laughed so much when I read your comment about the sign .. how true is that .. I have had my moments and can't believe how much of a maniac I can be .. yikes !

W2W ..How mean are daughters ! Good thing I only have number one son .. he just gets out of the way when I start winding up ? My doctor told me I am just peri still too .. my god .. this can get WORSE ???????? hahahaha
I think it depends on your zone with how this vine will behave .. I'm in 5b so we have a good cold winter to knock it back until Spring .. but I have it flowing over a nice high arbor and it is pretty !