Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Beginning of September .....

Here it is the beginning of September and things weren't too bad looking when I took these pictures yesterday (this afternoon was another matter with some sad THIRSTY plants .. grunting with hose mission sort of happened) .. Jack Frost still is my "main man" I am trying to figure out where I can put more of "him" because I am infatuated with him completely. Don't tell my other plants please ! Yet they are looking not too bad themselves so I should give them more credit ? Karley Rose is always a looker ..

Joe Pye is dramatic with its height and flower heads .. Black Eyed Susans have that punch of yellow to off set the other cone flowers .. my pictures are hazy looking and I have to say the morning light may just be too bright when it is coming up ?

This area especially gets washed out in colour value since the sun is just over the fence .. good thing .. some plants aren't looking too fresh in this shot .. better to have the hazy look ?


Anonymous said...

Your garden is very full looking. Jack Frost is a great looking plant, the foliage is outstanding. I love interesting texture & color in foliage plants. I know he blooms but the foliage is the best part!

Giddy said...

I have the same problem with the light washing out the colors of the garden. I am going to take a photography class this month, so I hope I'll be able to learn a few tricks of the trade. I would dearly love to find a way to get a good photo of my red flowers.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Giddy .. I find that about red and hot pink too .. I would love to take a course but most of them are in the evening and I can't manage that .. so maybe you might share some tricks ? LOL

PGL .. I am smitten with "Jack" .. right from the first moment I put him in the garden he has been amazing .. the blooms are awesome in the Spring .. such a vibrant blue it is a wow factor for sure !