Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Morning Clouds

I took a series of pictures a couple of mornings ago. I just liked the way the sky changed almost too quickly but how lovely it all looked to me. I can safely say that I did slow down and enjoyed watching the morning sky"show" ..
Compared to last night's panic when I so wanted to take a picture of the BIG bright full moon.
Emma scooted out between my legs at the deck door and before I knew it .. I was chasing her, in my nightgown, in the DARK, on the deck .. now that was hilarious ! Ah .. "kids" : )


Brenda said...

Well, I have Clyde out there thinking he's going to chase my mourning doves. And how am I going to have a wildlife habitat with a big cat lurking? He's getting his butt in this house and let the dogs chase him till he gets too tired to chase his own tail. Cat antics!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Brenda .. all cats think they own their enviroment .. it is their nature girl ! .. just like women and ... chocolate ! haha

Louise said...

I noticed the bright full moon on Sunday too. I was in bed already and all the lights were off, I noticed the backyard was bright so I thought I must have forgotten to turn off the lights at the back again. So I went out and noticed the bright full moon and snapped a few pictures. My neighbors must think I was crazy snapping pictures in the middle of the night in my pajamas.

Water Roots said...

LOL...Emma sounds adorable... And it looks like she was eager to sneak out and explore the 'big' world!

But...[sigh]...that big world is sometimes a big BAD world that is not always a safe place for pet cats. Over the years, and after reading so many articles about cruel things done to pets that roam freely outside (especially cats), I fear for them and think it's best to keep them indoors!

Anyhow, I love the new (spooky) look of your website, and the Halloween countdown you’ve added to the right. We’re looking forward to this day too! I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems as though the shops have a much bigger selection of decorations, costumes and accessories this year. ?? In any case, it’s such so much fun walking through those aisles and impossible to walk away without buying a thing…or two…or three…

Oh, and do you remember my Halloween skeleton I told you about that we’ve named Mr. Bones? The one that’s about three feet tall and sits year round on the rocking chair in my living room? Well, here’s a link to a photo of him: Mr. Bones

The photo was taken last Christmas – and we included him in our festivities! LOL...We’re a slightly silly (strange) family, but we do have a lot of fun with it...LOL...

I bought him a new outfit (Halloween type) last week from the dollar store (in the pet section); a pumpkin-coloured hat and cape. He's dressed up and ready for next month. It's amazing what you can find there, even for your favourite skeleton! LOL... (hmmm....I should take some recent photos...)

Enjoy the season! It's a blast!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi WR .. Emma hasn't accepted the fact that she IS an indoor cat yet.. Sophie hasn't been able to convince her I mean business. I totally agree with you .. my cats have always been indoor cats .. it impossible for me to imagine them being cared for any way else.
I saw the picture of Mr. Bones and did I laugh ! Perfect ! .. I think that is great you have intergrated him into the family festivities and he has a "change of clothes" ! haha .. I have the large glow in the dark ones with reflective eyes that we hang in our big maple tree in the front of our house .. a huge witch's broom and assorted fun things with lights .. I love orange lights .. it is all in great fun .. glad you have it the same way too !

Louise wasn't that moon remarkable ? .. and there I was in my nightgown chasing Emma after trying to take pictures .. my neighbors KNOW I'm nuts so there is not point in trying to pretend otherwise ! haha .. I have company though ? LOL