Sunday, 7 September 2008

Morning Dragonfly

OK .. I am guilty of picture overload with this little creature but I was so fascinated by it on the Sumac fruit I couldn't believe I could get pictures of it .. that I could actually see .. aka .. fuzzy subject matter in the heat of passion usually happens.

What it is getting from the fruit I don't know but he is a happy camper and I didn't want to disturb him .. I have a soft spot for dragonflies. They eat a lot of annoying bugs for me in the garden !

So here we are with various poses .. me snapping away like a possessed photo fiend ..

I have to say he/she makes the Sumac fruit look very inviting ..


Water Roots said...

Way cool! I LOVE dragonflies for pretty much the same reason: they eat a lot of pesky bugs in the garden. They are one of the beneficial, favoured bugs. Plus they look so cool; like miniature helicopters. Nice photos!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi WR .. Thanks ! I did go a bit overboard with the pictures .. I hate putting too many pictures together that look so much alike .. but I just couldn't help myself .. I hadn't seen dragonflies on Sumac fruit like that before .. it was awesome ! .. they remind me a helicopters too ! LOL