Friday, 10 October 2008

Its A Canadian Thing .... Eh !

OK ... I know ... doughnuts are completely off topic here but I just had to do this because of what happened yesterday. Sometimes , husbands do listen to their wives when it is actually a time you might be kidding .. I'm sure I am not the only one this has happened to .. I need to know there are others out there this has happened to.
Hubby leaves the house for an appointment .. I kiddingly say "lets have a Tim's dinner (aka doughnuts) .. tonight ?!!" .... and by god he listened to me when I REALLY was KIDDING !
Yes ... before I could even take a picture of it .. two doughnuts were SCARFED down !
My apologies to those "healthy eating" people that cued on this post out of curiosity ? I know you must be repelled and shocked .. I was too ! hehehehe
This is so totally CANADIAN it shouts "where is that "Double Double" or "Steeped Tea" ?EH !"


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

We just discovered that a Tim Hortons was at the local hospital, [walking distance] after living here for years. Duh!
My hubby had friday night dinners all figured out, until we realized they close at 3. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Oh Joy, my kind of gal! :) Have you tried their new pumpkin spice muffin yet? Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Yum donuts for dinner, what a good hubby! ;)

Gail said...

Is that another language you're speaking? Double double...Steeped Tea! It must be Canadian;->

How delightful that he heard you and brought Tims! he brought home a nice collection! They do look delicious, my sweetie would love a dinner like that. I prefer the Real Perfect Food...Ice Cream!

Husbands are forever surprising their wives! it's why we keep them around.


cindee said...

yummyyyyyy my kind of dinner(-: If I wasn't on a low carb diet that is(-: I bet you enjoyed every bite(-:

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cindee .. some times, you just HAVE to be BAD girl ! LOL

Gail .. by the sound of it, you have had THIS happen too ! haha .. ahhhh yes ! the "other" perfect food EH ? .. ice cream : )

PG .. yup, after 31 years .. somethings do turn out right ? haha

Nancy .. YES girl !!! .. have a great weekend too .. lots of turkey with trimmings ! : )

Hey MBD ! .. can you guess I am extremely lazy by that ? LOL
You just have to eat supper earlier ... then breakfast .. and possibly lunch ? wink wink !

Brenda@A View From The Pines said...

It's 4:30 p.m. here. So it sounds mighty good to me!

Crafty Gardener said...

Yummy donuts .. especially the cream filled ones, like Boston cream, Maple cream and any other sort they want to invent.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Crafty .. I'm laughing here .. YES ! they can invent all new doughnuts .. I'll give them a try .. but keep going back to Boston and Maple cream for a good solid SUGAR FIX ! LOL

Ahhh ! Brenda ... I'm sensing some one with low blood sugar right now .. you better work on that girl ! haha

our friend Ben said...

Can I have one of the chocolate-covered, cream-filled ones in the back and the apple fritter in front?!!!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Sounds almost as good as our occasional banana split dinners. Okay, I'll bite, what is a "Double Double?"

Patsi said...

Now this is some silly stuff.LOL

GardenJoy4Me said...

Patsi ... sometimes you just have to do a SILLY post girl ! LOL

Debbie .. you go girl ! Banana Split is right up there too !
OK .. for those of you who wonder what a "double double" is .. double cream, double sugar ..Tim's coffee is good strong coffee .. like our beer ? haha

'ben' .. you KNOW your doughnuts ! Do I sense a connoisseur in you for some very naughty 'food' ? LOL
Good picks ! : )

Rose said...

Doughnuts are my downfall:)

Where have I been this week??? I just scrolled down and realized how many of your posts I have missed this week--sorry! I loved your photo of your garden with the note to put a "Pinky Winky here." Now that's what I need to do, if I could only figure out how to add notes to my photos:)

Beautiful sky photos--a sky like that makes it worth it to get up so early in the morning!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Rose !
Aren't doughnuts everyone's downfall eventually ? haha
I didn't have a photo manager that did that, before I downloaded Picasa 3 edition now .. it works if you have a Google account and EBlog .. it may work if you don't have that either .. it is a free download too.
There are so many new blogs joining Blotanical it can be overwhelming reading them ..don't worry about visiting mine .. we have all winter girl ! LOL

Mother Nature's Garden said...

I'm thankful for doughnuts. ;)

GardenJoy4Me said...

So am I mother nature !!! LOL

Andrea said...

Awesome. Just... awesome. LOL.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey girl .. you have to love Tim's or you can't be a Canuck ! haha

Kiki said...

What a cute post! Hope you enjoyed your deliciously fun dinner! yay!!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Kiki that was over a year ago and it is still my favorite dinner ? LOL