Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Light values and garden views ....

This picture looks washed out, but it is still the day of the "frost fog" .. sounds like it should be a title to a good mystery novel ?
I took pictures from different places in the garden (which I had a lot of nerve to do .. since I was in my flaming pink, furry, housecoat .. the neighbors are used to this ) .. in any case .. The sun was trying to take over the fog .. it actually softened everything .. a glow affect. The Karly Rose grass is almost bowing down, ever so gently .. the gold colours of the kiwi leaves mingle with the green .. you could actually hear leaves falling it was the oddest sound .. so still, yet that individual noise was so noticeable ..

I have two of these pyramidal garden trellises ? .. supports ? ... art ? and I'm really looking forward to seeing them stand in the snow this winter .. I think the birds may enjoy them as perches too ?
If you look back at the Sumac tree to the left you can see the fog still, and the sun streaming through.
A typical gardener who leaves their watering can at the ready, is posing as well ? haha
I love the shade and light of this picture . The Bittersweet vine looks so full and lush still .. while the Sumac is dressed in fantastic colour ..
Look at the upper left hand corner .. that white dot is actually the moon. If you look back at my posts you will see closer pictures of it .. I'm still amazed I can get something detectable looking like the moon ! ; )


patientgardener said...

Lovely pictures - your garden is beginning to look very autumnal

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello Patientgardener .. once it starts .. it happens very quickly, then we are looking out at snow before we know it !

Anonymous said...

Your garden looks very pretty in the early morning light. That Sumac is gorgeous right now.

Northern Shade said...

The pink housecoat was for summer, coordinating with your fuzzy pink plants. You'll have to switch to your orange and rust housecoat now. I'm trying to decide if your gardening slippers are fuzzy pink bunnies, or orange pumpkins.
Sometimes you just have to get out into the garden while things are photogenic, housecoat and all.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Northern Shade .. You said it girl ! when it looks like one heck of a photo opportunity .. go for it .. nightwear and all ! LOL
I'm thinking bright orange pumpkin slippers at the moment : )

Hello perennialgardener ... the sun rises on that side so light values can be quite striking , that is if I catch them at the perfect time ? : )

Anonymous said...

Great backyard fall shots, with the remainder of your frost fog. What an interesting phenomenon!

Will we ever see you in full, early morning photographer regalia? Maybe you could blend into the landscape by striking a pink flamingo pose. Good for you, for going after those shots!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Deb .. we have had a heavy rain and wind day yesterday .. so a lot of leaves are down .. and things are looking sad .. but I have those Daffs to put in after the impulse buy .. jeez !
YES !! hot pick and striking a pose of a big raccoon in a housecoat ?? LOL