Saturday, 25 October 2008

Through The Looking Glass ... happiness : )

Jill from "Through the Looking Glass" has done a great Halloween post talking about some of the Halloween's she remembers .. they stirred up more memories for me too and gave me a boost today .. it is going to rain for about 3 days straight here so I am rather trapped in the house ... blue mood syndrome .. but Jill brightened it a lot with her post ..
So if you want a little taste of Halloween from some one else's memories .. and a very cute poem you might have read as a kid .. head over there and have a peek !!


Darlene said...

Thanks for the heads up I'll head over and check it out.

Gail said...


Come hang out with me...I have to get a lot of plants into the ground and mulched before the cold weather gets here! I wish I had a laptop with a camera we could visit as I plant. Don't laugh, I am looking at a laptop with those qualities! Won't it be fun this winter!


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Hi, slightly off topic, but I wanted to say thanks for the comment you made on my blog. And we love Comox also. It was #2 on our list of places to move to. But family living in Armstrong made that the final winner.
Your Duh? photo really is lovely, and the more I look at it, the better I love it!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

There was something about the combination of a frosty night, the absolute, and unheard of freedom to run through the streets, [this was quite awhile ago ] in the dark.
And people giving us free candy!

What more could a child ask for?
We relived that night for months. Or at least until Christmas came,


greenman said...

We do not have Halloween in Portugal. (Well now we have due to globalisation, but nothing like you do in the U.S.A., we don't have the tradition.)
I find it amusing but it's not my treat. I'm too shy person.
But I loved to read about your halloween. Specially the tradicional one.
It's sad that todays its so much comercialised (I don't know if you understand me).

cindee said...

If you want to get a happy smile watch the Disney movie made for t.v. called Halloween Town. Its just cute and its G rated and all that fun stuff. I watched it a couple weeks ago and it really got me in the spirit(-: Its corney but its just sweet. I hope you have a great day(-:

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cindee .. I watch EVERYTHING Halloween (it is too silly to believe I do that) .. I love the old black and white scary movies .. straight through to the Three Stooges (my favorite guys). So yes .. I have seen it too : )

Hello There Greenman .. I'm not sure if you realized this but I AM CANADIAN eh !! .. perhaps you meant North America in general terms .. commercialisation of holidays .. yes .. I know what you mean .. but Halloween is really a kid's fun time (we smitten adults have fun too) .. but Xmas is sad with so much of the buy buy buy to be happy thing that goes on.
I'm glad you find Halloween interesting : )

Jen .. that is SO what that night was all about ..we were so innocent and life was simple so we covered a lot of ground literally for Halloween treats .. on a good night we even had bats flying around our heads and that was one scary thrill ! .. now kids have to be so careful .. costumes so commercial and competitive .. it isn't what it used to be .. but I try to have fun all the same : )
So you are in Armstrong .. hubby lived in Kelowna as a teenager.
Comox was an air force posting for us .. we would have "retired" in Campbell River if we could have .. gorgeous places in B.C.
Thanks for the comments on my Duh ? day .. it really was a Duh ? day .. haha

Gail .. if I hang out there .. you have to come here and HELP me too girl ! haha .. I have a simple Toshiba lap top with an internal camera .. but most days by the time I get on here I look scary ! perfect for Halloween but scary to the general public ? LOL
That would be a hoot though ! : )

Darlene ..... I'm going to find my PUMPKIN head guy YET !!!!! hahaha