Thursday, 23 October 2008

Time with your Thyme ?

I thought I would be out in the garden doing a few last minute chores today.
Those dodgy daff bulbs keep muttering at me from their boxes .. " Hey .. YOU !! .. you took us home to show us a good time in your garden and we are still sitting in your kitchen !!" .. I hate it when bulbs yell at me.

I was also intending to get these little thyme plants tucked into the garden as well .. instead I take pictures of them .. and soothingly say, "tomorrow is garden day ... for sure ... eh !" I'm just too Canadian not to say EH !
Seriously though .. have you spent time with your thyme .. noticing how perfect each little leaf is ? How adaptable it can be .. especially when you have been very neglectful ?

Thyme in a nautilus shell is just too philosophical to let go without a comment.
I can't help but think of Einstein .. with that shock of gray white hair standing on end .. do you think he "shocked" himself with his own theories ? Are there thousands, or perhaps so many more, "other" universes where we are living an almost similar life but with a few key components missing or added to make us different each time ?
That time is circular, bent, or folded and can be accessed eventually ..
I have a headache now .. way too many braincells hit the EJECT button with too much thinking !


patientgardener said...

I love Thyme. Its great infused in hot water with some honey if you have a sore throat

Anonymous said...

Interesting question to ponder. :) Your thyme looks healthy still.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Nancy .. I think I can over winter it in their pots if I had the patience .. I can never make up my mind about things till the last minute !

PG ... what kind of thyme do you use ? .. just run of the mill ordinary or perhaps lemon thyme ?

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

Your brain cells are way ahead of me on that one. Yes, I love my thyme. I have some in little pockets in my rock garden. Thrive there unless you get their feet wet.

cindee said...

I am not getting anything done in my garden. My granddog is visiting for a couple days so we must play(-:

kd said...

I'd forgotten how lovely thyme looks in pots. Next year, I'll have to make some time for thyme!


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi kd .. There are lots of different cultivars of thyme too so you can get different "looks" from it in different containers as well .. it is a great little plant !

Cindee .. that is a great excuse not to be dragged into chores "must play with granddog" : )

Brenda .. that is the one thing they really hate .. being wet too long .. and they can be tucked in just about anywhere if it is a well drained .. gotta' love that !

Anonymous said...

Thyming is everything, don't you think? First the pics, then the gardening... your priorities mirror mine, at least since I FINALLY acquired this camera... Deb

Anonymous said...

Back again ~ this is your conscience speaking, by way of a Public Service Announcement, "It's 3:50 PM ~ do you know where your supermarket daffodil bulbs are?" I presume not languishing in the house, any longer - hmmm? /Deb

GardenJoy4Me said...

Deb .. I was reading "Catawampus" over at your blog and I cracked right up .. too funny !
And how SPOOKY is it that you knew I still have my bulbs sitting on my hutch here .. is there a hidden camera I should know about girl ? No one wants to see me first thing in the morning .. remember that !!