Sunday, 30 November 2008

Colour Before the Black .......

I had a sky and cloud watching day yesterday. I was sitting here at my tiny office in the kitchen, browsing garden blogs .. I happened to look up and out and saw a "show" formulating in the sky. I'm not sure but I think because we are on Lake Ontario (of course "on" isn't literally .. although when I win the lottery I might be able to change that fact ?)
In any case .. because of our proximity we have mammoth cloud formations at times.
They absolutely fascinate me. Especially on a day the wind isn't whipping away at us .. these "cloud mammoths" slowly silently glide by and look utterly amazing.
This day was also a day that reminds me of Monet's works .. the soft blending of the colours in the sky and lighter clouds. The transparency through some of the wisps of clouds that you see the blue of the sky veiled some what, yet persistently there.
Some of these shots are through my kitchen window .. sadly it hasn't been cleaned lately but I couldn't miss the opportunity of catching the clouds .. house cleaning be damned ! : )


Gail said...

They are gorgeous...they look like beach sky just before a storm! gail

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Looks like we are all sky lovers.


Anonymous said...

Aren't they wonderful?!

themanicgardener said...

Either you're re-posting, or I'm channeling your mind or I'm losing my own. I could swear I'd seen this before. Weird, weird, weird.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Kate ! easy there girl .. you are OK .. your not losing your mind .. I did do a post on clouds a few weeks ago .. these are new ones I saw on Saturday !! So you are fine .. your brain is fine .. your eyes are fine ! LOL
Are you OK now ??? : )

Nancy .. I love clouds .. I see I got a little carried away trying to add colour to what the sky looked like to my eyes .. I thought the camera didn't pick much of it up .. so I have learned a lesson with photo management .. groan !

Jen .. I can't imagine being a gardener without being a sky & cloud lover too ! That part of nature is so important to us as well.

Gail .. you had to mention the beach thing girl didn't you ? LOL .. When we lived near the sea .. I adored every precious day we would go there .. I love and miss the sea terribly.