Friday, 14 November 2008

A Little Post Phobia

I have to admit to a little "post phobia" .... it has been a while and I have been thinking a little too much about life. Some times you just have to step back into yourself after immersing in such intense emotions.

Over a week ago we had amazing weather for a couple of days .. so both hubby and I tried to tidy up and organize the "outside" jungle and a shed from another universe .. it is just one of those places you don't want to visit too long : )

So now the deck is bare and bleak looking .. sad almost. A few dancing leaves always catch Sophie's eyes though .. she flicks her tail like a whip cracking in mid air .. she LOVES leaves. Emma just watches Sophie .. that in itself is entertaining enough for her : )

The "Benchwarmers" are lined up and ready to steel themselves against the winter .. they have a unique support group and it works for them !
You can almost hear "Thinking Gargoyle's" mind ticking away .. while Toad is just happy to be sitting there instead of the dreaded "shed" (from another universe)
"Dave" and "WG" (weather gargoyle .. for those of you not familar with his initials) .. having a some what private moment or two discussing whether the Toronto Maple Leafs have a shot at the Stanley Cup .. most likely why WG is SMIRKING big time .. we all hope the Leafs will do it in our life time again ? You have to know about hockey, then you understand a bit about Canadians.
This is WG taking a little "Thyme" out for himself .. being the 'weather gargoyle" can put him under quite a lot of strain .. considering our Canadian winters .... I think he crosses his fingers a lot when he whispers the weather forecast to us.
... and just some "time" ... I needed a great deal of it .. some how it is comforting to see it in a planter ... especially a nautilus .. never ending cycle of circles ...

The "kids" ... Sophie preferred to be "Marlena D." .. I 'vant to be alone time for her.
Emma on the other hand tried out a few poses before she was satisfied this one displayed her inner beauty as well as her outer : )
My 'Black Beauty" visits on an almost regular basis. I have fallen for him/her ? .. such a sense of mystery about this beautiful creature. That look makes me think that anything is possible again .. the unexpected will happen and I have no control over it .. life is just that .. unexpected.


Zoƫ said...

Your black beauty looks a lot like my Mia Cat. She is very panther-like too.

I live the froggy thing made from oak leaves; I would find room for that in my garden too.

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

I love your cats, Joy. Their little faces have such personality. The sleek black cat is quite elegant. Is it a neighbor's cat, or are you thinking about adding to the cat family? Your bench warmers look like a serious bunch gathered there for the winter. I try to go out and take photos, survey this and that in nature, and just writing short blog entries seems to keep me "in tune." You're in mourning. That won't go away for some time. But be good to yourself. Give yourself lots of little gifts. And immerse yourself in the moment, taking photos and enjoying your girls. It takes your mind off things just long enough to let the healing begin.
Hugs, Brenda

walk2write said...

Your cats and visitor cat look like they are trying to cheer you up. I hope it works for you! And if your benchwarmers could talk, I'm sure they would be whispering words of encouragement.

patientgardener said...

Some times it is a good thing to take some time out but I nice to see you back again

GardenJoy4Me said...

Thank you patientgardener .. I missed "chatting" with you all : )
It is going to be a long winter and it helps to talk plants and gardens and life in general ^..^

Hello W2W .. I can't imagine not having these furry souls in my life .. even the "visitor" that has enamored me .. of course the "Benchwarmers" all have assorted opinions on everything : )

Hello there Brenda ! .. this black beauty is a neighbor's cat (the neighbors from hell catagory .. long story) but I have come to admire this cat even though I'm not exactly happy that it stalks birds in my garden .. my girls would love the compliments by the way girl ! .. thank you so much for being so sweet. I'm going to try and keep occupied with what you have suggested too : ) .. with all the renovations you have had to work through I would think you would love some down time yourself ? peace and quiet and some chocolate ? : ) .. I'm considering painting the kitchen while hubby is in Cuba .. kind of a theraputic activity to keep me out of trouble ? ^..^ wink wink

Hi Zoe .. hope you are feeling well. This black cat is so gorgeous you ca't help but admire her/him. My Toad friend is rather captivating isn't he ? .. he had a broken foot but hubby came to the rescue (since hubby sort of caused the foot breaking thing) and glued him back together again. He thinks himself rather handsome I think .. Toad that is .. haha

Gail said...

Hi Joy! I love your girls and Mr Mystery is a beauty. I think of him as a he...since he greatly resembles Coal...the cat who runs this household!

I am very glad you introduced the bench warmers to us. Last February when I started visiting you I wasn't quite sure who they all were!

Have a lovely weekend and do take care. Gail

Amy said...

That's last photo of the black cat is truly wonderful. I love the glowing yellow eyes.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just to get back on the horse Joy. Glad you see you back. :)

joey said...

It's wonderful having you back. You have a gift for sharing the joy of each day!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Makes me sad, too, to see my patio, which overflows with plants during the summer, now bare and abandoned looking. We are preparing for the first freeze possibly tomorrow night. It will warm up enough to be out on the patio later on, but I can't drag everything back out, so I will sit alone on my abandoned little square of concrete!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Joy. (There's a mouthful: welcome back joy...) I hope you are doing well.

Your cats are just the cutest things! I can't get over how Emma is all grown up now. And I adore your garden pieces, all patiently waiting for those first, playful flakes. As for the Leafs...hmm. ;)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Nancy .. Thank you : )
Yes .. Emma is not even a year yet till mid January, so I think the Main Coon in her has taken over size wise .. and her fur is so funny .. her neck ruff is trying to come in so she looks oddly cute at times .. for ever annoying Sophie as well, haha
The Leafs .. well, hubby still HOPES and I support that fantasy ?LOL

Nola .. that sounds so pitful girl ! .. you should have some chocolate and a cup of coco in hand to try and deal with the concrete issues .. I sort of see it as a chance to plan with bare bones for next year ?

Thank you Joey .. you are a sweetie : ) .. winter makes postings a bit of a trick .. so heaven knows what I'll throw out here now ? haha

Hi PG .. yup .. that is life , a series of getting back up on the horse after a fall .. but it is so nice to have a group hug here : )

Amy .. how are you doing ? .. when I took 'his" picture the reflection from his eyes was amazing .. I'm surprised pupils showed up in the picture .. all I could see through the camera was "GOLD" .. he is a beauty !

Hi Gail .. thank you ! .. I am thinking of Mr. Mystery as a 'he" too .. when I see him I do think of your Coal .. he is something else : )
The Benchwarmers are settled in for the winter .. hopefully no mishaps with some of the random 'bench parties' they have .. a few unmentioned characters get tipply and fall off at times (that is how Dave cracked his mushroom he sits on) .. I hear the clink of bottles some nights but they are fast to get rid of them before I get up and say good morning ! LOL

Rose said...

Glad to have you back, Joy! I think you have found the perfect things to help you see the joy in life again. The Benchwarmers would make me smile any day. And Emma has grown so big! She is such a beauty, but don't tell Sophie I said that...

GardenJoy4Me said...

Rose .. Thank you girl ! .. Miss Blue Eyes Sophie will only think it is an oversight on your part ? LOL .. Emma is still growing if you can believe that .. she has tufts of fur that grow out of her paws .. I am sure she has Main Coon in her but I would love to know what else ? haha
Yes .. I smile at my benchwarmers a lot : )

Water Roots said...

Hi Joy! What beautiful photos; they clearly depict the anticipation of winter. And that black cat is a real beauty; makes you want to adopt her...LOL It's nice to have you back... I hope you are doing much better; it takes time but it does get better... Every moment is a gift that we must treasure and enjoy.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello WR .. Thank You ! I just sent an e-mail off to you : )
Yes .. we have some unusual clouds during the course of a year no matter what the weather. But these are some beauties that seem to be saying winter is coming : )
I have fallen for this "bad-boy" coming to my garden claiming it as his territory .. haha
Yes .. you are right about every moment .. you just don't know what can happen next.

Anonymous said...

Joy ~ So glad to find your interesting new posts. I quite enjoyed seeing the group all settled in for winter. That Dave looks so sage, puffing on his pipe.

The girls look to be in fine fettle, especially Emma - she still has that kitten look about her. Your "man (woman?) of mystery" in the garden is striking - perfect shot on the driftwood. Are you falling for his feline wiles? Oh, oh! /Deb

cindee said...

love the pictures!!!! Where do you get all the gargoyles? Do you get them at Halloween time? I thought of you when I saw them all when I was shopping at different times(-:

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cindee .. it has actually been a while since I have added to the collection .. and it is an all year event if I see one that captures my eye .. I'm smiling if I am making you think of me when you see them while shopping .. mind control mission is working ! haha

Hi Deb .. Dave is rather sage looking isn't he ? .. that cracked mushroom he has to sit on may be instigating that look too ! haha
We have remarked the last few days how BIG Emma is and she won't be a year old until mid January .. but Sophie still has her "weight" to throw behind her in any "who is the boss?" haha
Mr. Mystery has got me in the palm of his paw .. yes, big sigh ! LOL

Dave said...

I'm glad to see Dave is doing OK! That's a great picture with your backyard visitor in the driftwood.

our friend Ben said...

Emma is HUGE now, Joy! Our Marley kitten outside has suddenly ballooned too. He looks like a classic Maine coon through and through, all puffy and fluffy and very, very affectionate, much like his indoor brother Linus (but, ahem, quite a bit smarter). We scurried around setting up an insulated cat house with a luscious little fleece-lined cat nest for our outdoor cats this weekend so they could get out of the elements and cuddle up together at night. Instead, we've found that Uncle Simon and Cousin Dixie have been taking turns napping inside all day, while Marley ignores it completely! Maybe having a fur coat makes a difference. Your gargoyles and friends look quite cozy on the bench. I'm sure they're keeping busy gossiping and muttering among themselves!

GardenJoy4Me said...

'ben" .. I'm sure Marley kitten appreciated all of your efforts ! and if Uncle Simon and Cousin Dixie are sharing for nap times .. a cat pajama party is not far away ! LOL.. which is funny , she loves to bundle up under the covers then minutes later she is on the floor cooling off .. so the Coon Coats WORK !! haha .. she is getting BIG though .. Sophie still lets her know who is boss cat when she gets fed up on Emma's sillinesses ? is that a word ?
The Benchwarmers have been muttering amongst themselves is too right .. especially with our little snow smarties falling today .. I think they will be fine though .. they manage to get through each winter so far ! LOL

Why thank you Dave .. my Dave is a happy little soul .. so far ? : )
Yes .. I have fallen for "Mr. Mystery" totally .. I don't know if "mystery" is a he or a she but the name MR. Mystery seems to suit !
I think I understand about Marley Kitten though .. Emma gets hot very fast