Sunday, 2 November 2008

Under Construction

I'm trying to update and refresh my blog ... things are rocky since I always have a devil of a time making decisions ... so this is actually a test run on how I should fix things to look as interesting as we slide into the LONG Canadian winter .. although you would never know it by today's weather .. and what is predicted for the rest of the week. We are going to be in the mid teens (celsius people !) so teens are WARM ! for us this time of year.

I might even get the last of my garden chores done.
I do have a question for you gardeners .. I plan to rake up and dispose of as many affected leaves .. black spot .. blight type of problem .. AND sprinkle garden sulpher to try and combat some of the bacteria on the ground.
Has anyone tried this to help control these nasty blights in their garden ? .. I have used it here and there before but this is a larger campaign I am trying ....
All opinions welcomed !


tina said...

Sounds like you are buckling in for a long winter. Haven't tried sulphur before.

Giddy said...

Hi Joy, I can't speak to your sulfur problems, but I can certainly commiserate with your trying to refresh your blog. Don't you wish you could just refresh the posts going forward? I really loved the black background you had for Halloween. I too, have been trying different backgrounds, but keep coming back to the same one as I don't want all my posts to change.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Giddy .. I am not totally keen with this background yet .. I keep flip flopping about trying "wordpress" .. worried I will really screw things up .. my favorite will always be the black background for October .. it was perfect ! LOL .. try try again I guess ?

Hi Tina .. you would laugh at me .. it is so nice and sunny out right now .. but cold .. next we have rain and warm sunny weather for the rest of the week .. then probably a snow dump ? who knows eh ? haha

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Well I loved the black background, maybe even all year round, it does make the photos and colors stand out vividly. And with a lighter text color it is easy to read on black. But the grey is easy on the eyes also. Can you tell I am getting near a certain age, where the readability of text is more important than the "look" of the blog.

As for the blight problems, making sure that leaves are picked up and disposed of in the garbage, not the composter, is all we ever recommended. I did not think that you would have that problem out there. We definitely have warm wet springs here, and wet winters, summers, and falls. LOL. But it is the warm wet spring that triggers our problems.

Try the garden sulphur, I really don't think it can hurt.

Good luck with it.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Jen .. I had to resort back to a dark background .. black was a bit too heavy but this almost navy blue is nice too.
Ah ! the readability factor .. this means you haven't resorted to 'reading" glasses then ? LOL
Once you start there is no going back .. BIG sigh !
Yup .. raking of the leaves mission is supposed to happen this week .. so will a sprinkling of sulpher .. just to help things settle a little cleaner ? .. I give lots of different methods a try .. at least once !

WiseAcre said...

I like the blue background. The text colors are a great blend too. Easy to read and with a nice style.

Crafty Gardener said...

The seasons change, the blog formats change. I've been changing mine around too, and yes, I've tried Wordpress but don't find it as simple to use as Blogger. Change is good and if you don't like it you can change it again. Life would be boring if we were all the same, and the blog world would be boring if blogs were constantly the same.
I'd like a 3 column blog but Blogger doesn't offer that, but guess what ... Wordpress does. Hmmmm who knows what will happen.

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

Not that you asked me or anything. But I like the white writing on the blue better than the black cause it's easier to read...

Anonymous said...

Joy ~ Good job, discarding and not composting any diseased material. The more affected leaves and stems eliminated, the better, as spores often drop down to the soil or leaf litter, becoming active again next spring. Around here, we always recommend dormant-season controls.

This is an excerpt from my November issue of 'Corliss Clips'...

Dormant-Season Spraying ~ The dormant season is ideal for controlling many insect and disease problems. When temperatures are about 45ยบ, in November and again in March, spray branches, trunks and surrounding soil with horticultural oil to smother insects and eggs. When controlling diseases, turn to lime sulfur, instead. Choose a combination product, when both insects and disease are a concern. Check all labels for any plant sensitivity and mix at the heavier, dormant-season rate. Fruit trees and roses, especially, respond well to this approach, beginning the growing season relatively free of problems. It’s all about preventing insects and disease from over-wintering.

Also, as I mentioned concerning the Bergenia, be careful about applying garden sulfur dust to the soil, as this is a pretty efficient soil acidifier... often recommended for acidifying the soil around blueberries, etc.

Happy November gardening! ~ Deb

Anonymous said...

The black Tar Spot that infests our maple trees here in NS is caused by a fungus and is, apparently, not harmful to the tree. It is recommended that you dispose of all affected leaves though to avoid the fungus overwintering. I see a fair bit of it around here. And it's supposed to be several days of mid-teen weather here, too, once we get past tomorrow. :)

Gail said...


I always thought change was easy for me but it isn't as easy as I thought. I would be hemming and hawing about which background color etc...this is a way cool that you are trying out new colors etc! Gail

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Gail .. I find it so hard to make picks about details at times it drives me crazy .. and that is not far to go ! haha .. but I tried quite a few yesterday and I find the top post choices are the ones I will stick with for now .. so finally that mission is over ! phew !

Nancy .. this weather is kind of spooky ? LOL .. but it means I really have to get my chores in the garden done for sure now .. yes, this Tar Spot issue isn't all that damaging but talk about bad freckles ? haha

Deb ! Thank you for this information girl ! ..I do a lot of research on the web .. come across information overload at times .. but the basics are good fundamental rules to follow .. so this week is going to be busy for me : )

Hi Brenda .. I agree with you 100% girl .. the light colour is a lot easier to SEE ! Thanks for the opinion girl : )

Hi Crafty .. that is what I like about this format .. it is easy .. I'm hesitant about Wordpress but also very curious .. I'll be watching your blog for those changes ? LOL

Dear Mr. WiseA** ... I think you are right ! about this issue .. other subjects , well you know I also have to have an opposite point to make ? LOL
Thanks for the opinion !