Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Are we owned by cats or salt rock lamps ?

OK ... I know any human that has been "owned" by a cat .. knows just THAT ! .. they own us and there is no two ways about it. We are totally smitten by them and there is no going around the issue. Funny enough I keep thinking we own them every so often .. go figure ?
Then I saw this picture .. as if from another person's view point ... and bang it hit me again ! They ... truly ... own US !
And just how many trinkets can you buy for your cats before you realize it is a vicious cycle of wanting to engage them in quality time ?? ; )

And then there are the pictures .... how many pictures can you take of the same subject matter .. aka .. "the girls" .. even that can get out of hand .. or is that CABIN FEVER I feel ?

Next is the salt lamp adventure ... I love mine ... so much that I had to get one for the family room and number one son's room .. the "guys" wanted a green light in theirs .. so what the heck .. I gave them what they wanted ! .. I still prefer that warm amber glow .. yellowish and orangish ? .. I really do find it soothing !


our friend Ben said...

Ha! Great cat pictures---I love that Sophie has positioned herself where she can admire her reflection. And that shot of the "family room" is priceless! The green salt lamp doesn't get my vote, either---it looks like it just came off the mother ship. But speaking of salt lamps, I see that you have coasters under yours. You might want to switch to saucers. When it gets humid, they can ooze a little salty water onto the table or whatever they're on, and you don't want to hurt your furniture! Not that it should be a problem in winter, of course...

Darlene said...

I LOVE seeing all the photos of your beautiful kitties!! My Tangie is s.l.o.w.l.y starting to accept the new kitten. At least she is not just hissing and running away any time she catches sight of her. She is now only hissing if the kitten pounces at

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

I'm owned by a greyhound! Yes, I've had many cats in my life and they do rule, don't they?

The salt lamp is new to me. I've not seen those before. Very interesting.


Water Roots said...

LOL...oh yeah, cats own us...and those of us who have had the ‘privilege’ of living with them know that well!

I love your new lamp! And the colour you have seems so warm; reminds me of the sun. Sun??? WHERE IS THE SUN? These cloudy days are driving me mad…LOL…

Anyhow, I haven’t had a chance to go check for a lamp like yours yet; I'm very curious and I’d like to investigate further. Unfortunately, I’ve been trapped in my home since yesterday afternoon with all that snow, rain, snow, rain, snow and rain that keeps being dumped on us. I’m going a little nutty with cabin fever by now…. Working from home is NOT fun this time of year :)

I hope tomorrow the weather is much more stable so I can take a drive somewhere (ANYWHERE) and snoop around a little for a lamp like yours. I’d like to take a drive to Ikea if I can; they have such a nice lighting section in their store.

Oh, and your two ‘girls’ may be taking over the house with all their toys but they are very sweet. And extremely photogenic! They're probably good company too.

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

It's called cabin fever and frost bite, I think. Good luck. I'm there with ya, just many mile away...

Darlene said...

Hi Joy,

Did you go back far enough in my posts to learn about the new kitten? My post about her was on Nov. 19th....

Cinj said...

They really do own us, and our Christmas trees too! LOL. You should see Speedy carrying around any ornament off the lower branches of my tree.

Weeping Sore said...

Whatever do you mean by insinuating that cat owners don't have the relationship figured out? Although my cats are perfect in every way, and at all times absolutely adorable, I refrain from taking photos of them on most days ;)

And don't tell me you've never engaged in the endlessly entertaining question: what if we'd had grandkids instead of cats? No bailing them out of jail, no college loans, no tough love.

Whether or not its dysfunctional, I wouldn't change a thing about my relationship with my cats. I suspect you wouldn't either.

easygardener said...

Trying for any quality time usually results in the cat walking off looking totally bored. We have made the mistake of trying to get them to do something. Fatal!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi easygardener .. isn't that always the way .. except Emma fetches like a dog .. you throw her the plastic spring toys and she can go on forever doing that .. now that is unusual ! : )

Weeping sore .. I know it is hard to believe but I never think of human grandchildren for those exact reasons ! haha
We are total cat people here .. even number one son .. cats satisfy our nature some how and we love them for that : )

Cinj .. I suspect Speedy is trying to show you how smart she is and the trophy she wants to "give" you illustrating that very point ? LOL

Darlene .. YES ! I finally got back to that post and I see Midnight's story .. my word ! WOW ! .. I wonder where she came from and how strange was that , you hearing her and she came down the tree for you ? She is a beauty , and I'm so glad the other "kids" are accepting her slowly but surely ?
I have to say Darlene you have the most gorgeous decorations girl .. you really have the prettiest house I have ever seen for holidays from Halloween to Xmas !

Brenda .. yup .. cabin fever can come in a lot of "degrees" from mild to CRAZY ! haha .. much more to come I'm afraid !

Martha ! .. Montreal got hit quite badly with the rotten weather .. as did Ottawa and their transit strike ? LOL
That is the one store that drives me crazy that isn't here .. IKEA ! Kingston has NO excuse for not having it : (
I love my salt lamp and in the amber glow .. funny how the guys like green instead .. must be a man/woman thing do you think ? LOL
Shopper's Drugmart has them .. do you have that store in Quebec ? .. if not check one out here in Kingston the next time you are down !

Cameron .. Charm is an exceptional dog .. she looks and sounds so beautiful in form and nature : )
Yes .. these salt lamps do have something about them !

Darlene .. hey, hi again girl ! haha .. that sounds like progress to me .. it is hard introducing a kitten to an older cat .. they may never be friends but as long as Tangie accepts Midnight's presence in the house .. that is great !

'ben" Sophie positions herself down here in the family room in front of the CD player's glass so she can admire herself there too ! haha .. THAT is exactly what I thought when I saw the green glow too ! LOL
You are right about the saucer thing .. the gal in the store told me that too .. I guess I thought I would look for some nice little plates to put under them from the Dollar Store .. a mission to accomplish !

Giddy said...

Cats own us? Yer preachin' to the choir here, deah!

Spike and Sluggo have the run of this place and are given in to them at every turn. The only thing that gets a scolding is when Sluggo ignores his "approved" scratching place and tries to see if I will let him claw the living room chair. For that he gets a loud clap of hands and a stern "NO". Of course, he's looking right at me when he attempts this and we can't help but laugh.

Anonymous said...

Your kitties are so sweet! And I do love those lamps. A Christmas expo here in town had rock salt "cored out" to hold a small candle...they were very nice, too. :)

Gail said...

Coal says 'hey!' to the girls and "way to train your 'owner'" If he had an opposable thumb we would be in trouble! Gail

I love the amber lighted salt lamp needs to be warm...not cool;-)

Anonymous said...

Can we vote? "Yes" on never-ending procession of cat photos (never gets old, as far as I'm concerned - love the gymnasium!). "Yes" on the amber lamp and "no" on the green one - but that's just me. These are interesting lamps, worthy of investigation.

Keep those critters coming! Your girls are eminently suitable for photo opts. (As are my boys & girl!) ~ Deb

GardenJoy4Me said...

Deb . I never get tired of seeing other "kids" of the animal nature .. your boys and Lucy Maud are always cute as buttons !
I think there is a very strong trend of women choosing the amber coloured lights .. I think I have to post on that one ? LOL

Gail .. I have a notion Coal is the silent but strong character in your home ? .. and he would rule the world from his cozy spot if he could .. that is if the girls would let him ? haha
Another yes for the amber colour light in the salt lamp !

Nancy .. thanks girl ! and the "girls" thank you too ! .. yes, they have a lot of different shapes and sizes for these salt lamps and candle holders .. it is all very "zen" to me .. soothes the frazzled nerves ? haha

Emma would be right in Sluggo's corner egging him on Giddy ! .. I think maybe Spike is more openly behaved like Sophie ? .. they only do things when we can't see them doing it ? LOL
Yes .. I know anyone who is owned by a cat .. knows that IS the real world relationship .. they own us and never forget that ! haha

Roses and stuff said...

Your cats are adorable! I can very well understand why you take so many photos of them. (I do the same, with my two dags...)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Katarina .. how true that our little ones just have to be photographed all the time ! LOL
Your dogs are adorable too : )

Aiyana said...

I've always loved the amber glow the best. I have several of them too. Cats, no. But, if I had pets, I'd choose cats!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What gorgeous felines have you. I bet they keep you entertained, especially throughout the winter.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

How can people NOT take photos of their cats? They are so cute, pose so well, and just have an "I'm ready for my close-up Mr Demille" attitude!

VP said...

Tee hee - I never tire of taking pictures of our 2! Have you heard the phrase dogs have owners, cats have staff?

We've found that they ignore most of the toys we buy for them, but objects like boxes, bags, elastic bands, beans and leaves are sources of endless playtime!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Salt rock lamps may come and go but you will always be owned by cats.:-D

Taking pics of cats is almost a daily recurrance at Bliss and the kitties love it.

I love seeing pics of your cats so please continue shooting lots of pics and put them on your blog.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Yolanda .. YES ! That is so very true : ) we will always be owned by our cats .. and loving it ? haha
I must say the salt rock lamps have been a 'warm" addition to the house .. something a little different and the negative ions thing .. I think we are enjoying the affect !

VP .. isn't that the truth ? I love the "staff" description .. I'm keeping that phrase now girl ! LOL
A huge YES to that one too .. almost anything but the actual toy (aside from these plastic 'springs" for Emma .. do they have them there ? if not .. Let me know and I will send some for the boys !
Boxes are their favorite .. a cat and a box shall not be separated for long ? haha

Nola .. girl these girls are pretty well trained now not to misbehave too much when I point and shoot .. sometimes their attention is diverted but mainly it is "I'm so beautiful : ) .. haha

Hi Lisa .. they truly do know how to make us laugh over here .. and group naps are a must as well ! : )

Hello Aiyana .. I am loving these salt lamps .. and for some reason , women like the amber glow better than anything else .. I think we are all connected to that colour some how ?

Thanks For 2 Day said...

Now I understand what you were talking about when you said salt lamp. I had not read this post! I wonder if they help with S.A.D.? Regardless, they are pretty and a soft, warm glow is added to the room. As for cats...I am owned by one right now, though there have been many others over the years. We're pretty much 'owned' by our dog, too. But, life wouldn't be as nice without them and if someone didn't own be, I don't know if I'd have anyone to tell me what to do during the day. Everyone's out of the house except for me, and the animals!! Jan

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Jan .. That is the thing about our pets .. we talk to them and they keep us company .. or they keep us busy when they are very young .. like Darlene with her new kitten : )
Yes ! .. I find an odd feeling of "well being" when I have the lamp going .. I take it with me from bedroom to "office" hubby calls it my pet rock now ? LOL

Rose said...

Joy, I see you have finally grasped a full understanding of the complex relationship we felines have with you humans. Sophie and Emma must be very happy individuals to have a Human assistant so attentive to their needs.

By the way, thank you for your kind comments and explanation of my heritage recently. I am sorry I did not respond at the time, but now that the Woman has returned home, I should have more free time to catch up on my reading.

Yours, Toby

GardenJoy4Me said...

Dearest Toby
I am honored you have taken the time to "speak" to me ! .. I fully understand how busy you must have been .. so please don't feel any need to explain .. it is the "way of the cat" .. and since I have been "staff", as VP put it, to cats most of my life .. I am aware of the duties you have to attend to.
I appreciate the time and attention you have given me : )
Thank you !
PS .. Sophie and Emma send their regards to you : )