Sunday, 14 December 2008

Ice ... Glass .. Wood and Grass ?

My "Plant Mobile" (aka green Sunfire) suffers from "low usage" in the winter .. mainly when it has been iced in .. so jumping in with hubby and a warm truck is a more favorable choice for me .. eventually though .. I will have to chip away at the ice ... turn on the motor and then seriously de-ice the poor car !

Alas ... all the above images are poor icy adornments in my garden .. in various stages of icy-ness ... mess ? .. but there are still berries on the Mountain Ash for the birds to pluck .. although they are a wee bit COLD and perhaps some what like a berry popsicle ?


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I know that you are getting much harsher weather than the West Coast here, but if you could hear the wind whistling through our windows right now, you would understand.

Somehow, I never got around to winterizing my garden. Being unexpectedly sick for a week will do that to you. Now all the poor plants are frozen... SOLID!

We had a -6 last night, and the wind chill is what did everything in. I guess it is just a matter of degree, that is pretty cold for us, although we will go down to -15 sometimes.

I will be so glad to see spring!


Crafty Gardener said...

Interesting photos. All our ice vanished as the overnight temperatures went up to +7 and we had some rain.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Crafty .. Ours has too now .. and it is raining this morning .. but another cold front is coming to freeze it all .. not a good thing for driving !

Jen .. hearing the wind that way is really unsettling isn't it .. makes you want to be under the covers in bed ? haha
I'm curious about what you do for winterizing .. will you tell some time ?
Windchill is one nasty element to deal with .. I'm still looking for ear mittens !!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy seeing the temperatures in Kingston and being able to compare to here. We're 10 this morning and it's raining - no signs of the huge snowfall we had last week. We certainly have not had any ice sticking to anything. Lucky us but I suppose our turn will come.

Anonymous said...

I loved this! The ice and snow provide the perfect backdrop. I'm just a bit jealous, as our only dusting of snow is long gone.

Just came back from a "Lucy Excursion" at the park... I was dressed for winter, but it's almost 60º! Phew! We were both panting. (Got some great nature shots, though.) Saturday morning it was around 20º - you know, what they say about New England weather is about right... Deb

GardenJoy4Me said...

Deb .. I love the "Lucy excursion" title .. haha .. yup ! we have rain and much warmer temps .. but we are supposed to go back to the "freeze" tonight. Brrrr !

Rose .. Hi there ! .. I like that weather icon too ! We aren't far off from you with this rain and warmer temps .. but it is going to swing into cold temps again .. hope to avoid the ice thing though .. that is not a fun thing : (