Monday, 1 December 2008

Squiggles in the Sky ... or it is down to me ?

First ... these pictures are TERRIBLE .. so if you are looking for the amazing type that Amy over at Blossom took .. avert your eyes, or have a great laugh ?
I fell in love with Amy's pictures of that fabulous night sky .. moon and planets brightly shining. They were awesome.
So here is my mind boggling scenario .. just had some dinner .. stretched out relaxing with the girls (my furry girlfriends) came out to the kitchen to make peppermint tea and BANG !!
I looked out the famous kitchen window that has a terrific view of my neighbor's metal roof .. but looked upward and saw that fantastic sight that Amy saw last night.
I so wanted to get something resembling ? that beautiful "picture"
I scrambled on the kitchen counter .. not an easy trick .. leaned towards the window which of course hasn't been cleaned yet .. and had a multitude of rain drops on .. well .. you get where I'm going with this .. total failure ... but ... I managed to get some little star trails and a blurred moon !
It doesn't reflect how absolutely awesome this was .. plus .. those rain drops .. were a bit dirty .. back again to the window cleaning abstinence ?
If you have been drinking ... this moon should look fine to you .. all other non influenced people will see double ... but look at the bottom right hand corner .. baby star trail !
Click on the picture to see a better wiggle in the sky .. shaky hands seem to over rule the non shake option on my camera ??
Really CLICK on this one .. come on .. you know you want to ! .. if I can't get good pictures .. I want to get some really really BAD ones .. but this is sort of cool !
Very bad picture of neighbor's Xmas lights .. but .. look up and see actually how BRIGHT the beauties in the sky were .. sort of a guide line from Lampoon's Christmas to "Holy Hockey Pucks Batman !! What is that in the SKY !!!"
My apologies to REAL photographers ... look away please !!
P.S. You were all very lucky to be spared what my neighbor's saw of me in my red polar bear pajamas on our deck .. it ain't a pretty sight people !


Zach said...

Did you know those aren't actually stars? Those are Jupiter and Venus! Venus is the one below to the right and Jupiter is the higher one! Check out the post at Blossom.

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

I was out taking photos today, and it actually has gotten really cold here. I guess my hands shook, and most came out so blurry they had to be deleted... We're all photographers, Joy. Sometimes we have good days, and sometimes bad. I clearly remember wonderful photos of you gardens not long ago, and thinking how creative you were aligning your plants just so...

Blossom said...

LOL!! This post is so funny. I can just picture those pyjamas :) You're so sweet to mention me in your post.

I only VERY recently figured out how to take those photos so I'm tickled that you enjoyed them so much. Isn't it so incredibly cool that so many people can see the same sky? Unfortunately, we are socked in with clouds and snow tonight. I was hoping to take the kids on a "field trip" out of town to get a better view without the light pollution but you couldn't pay me to drive those back roads in the dark and snow!

JCharlier said...

Looks like you might have been drinking when you took it! I might add a tripod to your Christmas list. Or more alcohol.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

It was so pretty tonight. I saw them just at dark and right before they went down below the horizon. Very pretty.

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Hi Joy, yes, I have to admit those photos are really bad! But I always say perfect is boring :-) We have to look at them in a 'arty' way.../ Tyra

Aiyana said...

Well, they're appealing in their own way, and well worth spending the time to snap off a few!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Aiyana .. pretty sad pictures but I just couldn't let them go ? LOL .. makes me determined to use my tripod and do this right !

Tyra .. that is how I am considering them "arty farty" way .. just have a drink or too .. mulled wine .. and they don't look so bad ??LOL

Debbie .. aren't they amazing to see in real life and time ? .. I'm so mad I could do this right .. Amy did a fantastic job .. I have to read my manual AGAIN !

Hello there JC .. I actually have a tripod .. which was down stairs in the amongst the junk room .. but the cloud cover was coming fast so I took my chances .. but hum .. alcohol would make these shots look better for sure !! LOL

Amy .. I would have had a track back to your actual post but for some reason when I tried to get on your home page I kept getting an error message. I'll try and fix it today if I have late comers here .. they will laugh at mine once they see yours girl !
Yes .. light pollution .. we do have it in Kingston especially that direction in the sky .
I still LOVE your pictures and you have inspired me greatly girl !

Brenda .. I have a mechanism that is supposed to control the shaky hands bit .. but I guess it can only do so much ? haha
Yes ! I think most gardeners are fascinated with photography too ! .. Thank you so much for remembering my good shots of my garden girl ! that is sweet of you !

Hi Zack .. yup ! if you read my post again you will see that I said that about "planets" .. it is so amazing how bright they are isn't it ? .. and yes ! .. I gave credit to Amy at Blossom for inspiring me .. now I really have to READ my camera manual and get the trip pod out so it is ready : )

Gail said...

I take a very similar night photo! So they looked fine to me! Beautiful aren't they! We had clouds but maybe tonight there might be a chance to see the starplanets;-) gail

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

"A" for effort, and those pajama's. At least you give the neighbours some Christmas entertainment. Keep trying, things will improve, and really, those shots are rather artsy, and I like them.


Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

Your photos look better than my attempts to photo the moon! :-)


Nola @ the Alamo said...

Those are the only photos I've seen, so they look good to me. I did not know about the alignment until this morning. I'd have been outside shivering to catch a glimpse.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Nola .. go to Amy's blog "Blossom" you can find her on Blotanical .. and have a look at her pictures .. they are great !
It was amazing to see and I wish I had taken better ones .. we have heavy cloud cover tonight so that's a done deal .. big sigh !

Hi Cameron .. I have taken some early morning shots at the moon still in the sky during Sept and Oct and I surprised myself how good they were .. I'm going to read my manual finally ! LOL

Hi Jen .. thanks ! I am going to get this figured out some day : )
And yes .. the neighbors get to see my wardrobe of pajamas on a regular basis ? haha

Gail .. it is overwhelming to see just how beautiful they are in real life real time .. I hope it happens again before I can't handle a camera .. meanwhile I'm going to LEARN ! : )

Kylee said...

Hi Joy! I love your photos! I've sure taken my share of squiggles! I hope you don't mind that I've posted a link to this post at the bottom of my own post that I made on Sunday about the event.
Too many clouds to see them any closer together than they were on Saturday night.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Kylee .. hey girl I never mind links .. well almost never ? LOL Your dusky picture of the sky is beautiful ! I saw Sunita's by way of your link as well .. it was all so stunning .. I'll never forget it .. next time if I know before hand I hope to have read my camera manual and have the tripod upstairs instead of in the junk room ? LOL

Sunita said...

Hey, your squiggles are great! No, really! You wont believe how many photos I clicked and got the moon leering at me before I managed a half-way okay one which justified the cost of my camera (my husband was planning to buy sports gear but I snatched it away ... evil cackle follows).
And I love the last photo. No way would anyone else have got such an artistic wriggly squiggle!
Ummm... good to know I dont have to pretend I've always got squeaky-clean windows ... or counters ... or...

GardenJoy4Me said...

Sunita girl ! Thank you so much ! .. I know most times we are more critical about our own photos or creative endeavors .. but I really did enjoy seeing that amazing trio of bright light ! .. I need to be ready for anything else that might pop up so I swear .. nicely of course .. that I am going to read my camera manual and get that tripod upstairs ; )
We live in the real world with sometimes .. dirty windows and messy counters and I say YES ! I am a real woman ... haha
PS .. love the part where you claim victory with the sports equipment money for camera mission .. good job girl !!