Friday, 16 January 2009

The salt that won't MELT or Can you say black ice ?

Yet again I am VERY daring to do a post first thing in the morning while only half my brain cells recognized the coffee input.
One of the rare events that happens with extreme cold .. this morning it is -27 no wind-chill factored in so much colder than that in reality .. and there is wind out there !
In any case .. getting back to the rare event ... there were so many accidents on the roads in our part of Ontario because the salt that is used to melt the ice on the roads .. well it was too cold for it to melt .. if you have never heard of the term "black ice" it is one of the most treacherous road hazards in winter.
Drivers can't see it .. and "careless = STUPID" drivers that are going too fast, when they hit that .. well it tends to make a pile up happen very quickly .. and thus the high number of accidents on the roads throughout the province.
We all stayed indoors except for number one son who had to work and he is sensible thank heavens ! Emma and Sophie approved and agreed upon this commercial against black ice and stupid drivers ^..^ ^..^


Jamie and Randy said...

People down here freak out in a couple of inches of snow. They empty the grocery stores like it's the end of the world. I couldn't imagine trying to drive in what you guys have.--Randy

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

I cannot imagine the cold. It was 11 degrees on the west side of our house at 9:00am this morning, so the overnight low was lower! Fortunately, the sun is brightly shining and it's 40 degrees on our front porch (thanks to passive solar). I've not yet gardened much on the west side of my house!


Darlene said...

Again I say, I can't even imagine temperatures as cold as it is there. We stayed right at freezing temp. yesterday and I had to stay bundled up even inside. I had my jeans, tee and sweatshirt on the whole day! Today I think we are supposed to get into the 40's but I am still cold!

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

I linked to your blog from my story this morning about the "Moods of Mother Nature."

I also created a "countdown to Spring" widget that anyone can grab to add to their blog sidebar, too.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Randy .. You know that can happen here too but with reason . If there is any chance at all for an "ice storm" people panic but with reason .. there was one that paralyzed the city with power outage for days in 1998 .. along with so many trees destroyed from the weight of the ice .. it looked like a bomb drop in some areas .. very scary stuff .. we still have our share of idiots on the road and in the stores ? haha

Hi Cameron .. it is funny how we sort of bypass some sides of the garden .. it took me a few years to do things on the side we put the gate arbor last year .. now I can safely say all sides of the house are being used ! : )

Darlene .. I know what you mean about getting cold and staying that way for some time .. I have some special pajamas and socks for those occasions girl .. I'm better dressed for "night attire" than day time clothes ! haha

Hey Cameron .. I'm going over there right now to have a look .. thanks girl ! : )

Anonymous said...

-27C was right where our mercury sat this morning, too, Joy. Much too cold for the salt to work. Sidewalks in Halifax are just a glare, so much so that they've started sanding them. Brrr!

Meadowview Thymes said...

Black ice is really dangerous here in Texas because we are sooo not use to ice...and don't think it could be on the roads. Very scary driving!!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Nancy .. you would think we would know how to handle this weather by now wouldn't you ? .. we still have way too many auto accidents and the slip and fall game is at its peak .. what the heck !!! LOL

MT .. we should be more than aware of it yet we still have way too many problems with it .. what gives with that ? : )