Friday, 6 February 2009

Brrrrrrrrr From Kingston and will this work ??

OK ... I know ... looks rather boring right ? .. some buildings .. a hill of sorts and lots of that WHITE stuff all around.
So ... what gives ? what are we looking at in this COLD post ?
We were up on Fort Henry hill yesterday ... it was clear, sunny, and COLD .. but things looked fresh and clean ... if not green ?
I thought I might shoot some pictures of Kingston to give you an idea of this "Limeston City" which is a pet name for Kingston since there is so much limestone (reminds me of Gail from "Clay and Limestone" ... see girl ? .. we have limestone too, under all of this snow !
Fort Henry is a historic site and actually part of the World Heritage organization sites.
Look far to the left and you see some of it by way of the stone walls .. it is one of the best defended forts in Canada because it was so hard to try and get into let alone capture.
There I am freezing my keester off trying to get some shots from the road .. can you see me ???
One of the best present day attractions on the winter of course, is that long long sled run from the top of the hill. My legs ache just looking at it .. there have been some wicked moments on those runs .. it makes us truly Canadian EH ! : )
These buildings are part of RMC the Royal Military College .. and part of the city sky line .. always growing .

These are the controversial wind turbines on Amherst Island .. it took a long time to knock some sense into the people who live on this island to accept the fact that we have to move forward in allowing clean energy to be created from these beauties .. I have no argument with wind turbines .. they are sorely needed and I would have one in my backyard if need be to cut the cost of utilities ..I just know I could grow a beautiful vine or two on them and they would be magnificent !!

Alas the "stockade" and the banner that declares our special place in world historic sites.
There are amazing shows such as the gun run and the guard change and even some friendly competition at times with our American military teams .. plus the amazing fireworks displays .
OK .. my fingers and toes are frozen now from this tour.
I might have to go back and visit Sunita at her plot "The Urban Gardener" the story of her cashew tree in her garden warmed me up and fed my imagination of such an exotic place to smile with a nice cool drink and some sandals .. wink wink Sunita ! : )


Gail said...

Hi Joy,

When I saw that hill I thought it would be a lot of fun to sled down and only needed someone to pull me back up the hill;-) In St Louis where I grew up everyone went sledding at Art Hill at the Art Museum; another nice hill with a climb back up!

I want to see that limestone...once the snow is gone you'll have to take us to Fort henry again! Speaking of I would have gladly given it all away to not have another big rock 4 inches under the soil exactly where I was trying to push the bird feeder pole into the ground.

Thank you for the link! Keep warm and soon, really soon, all that white stuff will be gone. I promise!


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Gail (I think you are the only one that peeked at this post girl ! haha) .. Can you remember when we did that sort of sledding .. I did it most of my childhood and then some with number one son .. hubby went down a hill or two as well, in a saucer, somewhat like Clark Griswold ?? LOL
You should see some of the limestone cutaways near the highways with frozen water caught trying to trickle down .. we can't stop in those ares darn it ! I'd have loads of pictures for you girl : )
I can well imagine the frustration in your garden with that naughty limestone .. makes you want to scream at times ? .. let it out girl ! haha

Sunita said...

One long cool swig of tender coconut juice coming up! Or would you prefer my banana wine? :)
By the way, none of this is boring for me, Joy. I spell it e-x-o-t-i-c ! Snow! We travelled the length of the country and went all the way up the Himalayas just to get a glimpse of it.(Of course, I shivered right through it and my daughter thought she was dying... but thats another story!)
Kingston looks a beautiful place and all that snow (minus the cold) makes it look like a place I'd love to be in right now!
Thanks for the link, Joy. I'm sure many of the new readers at my blog found their way there from here.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello Sunita ! You are welcome and thank you too ! .. Most people don't understand what extremes we go through in Kingston .. once Spring hits and "runs" we get such hot humid summers , well I think you would almost think it was where you live ! .. my favorite season is Autumn .. not just because of Halloween (it helps through ? LOL) but the colours of the trees and fresh cool air compared to the heat/humidity of summer .. makes us all happy : )
If we didn't have AC in the summer I would MELT !
I am smiling about the story of how your daughter thought she would freeze to death .. kids !! LOL ..