Sunday, 1 March 2009

Spring Hopes ?

Well, here it is almost the end of the first day of March and I'm finally getting to a post .. although it truly did start much earlier this morning with me yelping ? about the cold frozen deck wood on the bare feet issue I tend to try and ignore .. why use slippers when you can commune with true mother nature's temperament ? .. or was that temperature ?
So .. my little collection of of bits and pieces to set a Spring in motion ? I bought the hyacinth pot a couple of days ago and it seems more than happy here in my office (aka kitchen) .. the gloves (I love these ones .. 6 wonderful pairs for under $20 at our Canadian Costco .. my random books that are stored under my bed because my book stand is groaning. AND .. the "Dollar Store" Sunface .. in honour of Cindee making up her mind to go by that MOONFACE ,GIRL !!!!!
What is that saying ? "Cheap but cheerful"?? !!

Smile everyone ! make nice for the camera and BEFORE Sophie figures out there is a bounty to be had here !!

Finally .. I have been motivated by another gal and her Goyles .. Carol with the Claybritt Misfits .. her pictures are amazing and the idea is to take the same angle with "Winthrop" (named in honor of Elly from Our Friend Ben) .. the first of each month is when I will post his picture specifically (baring extreme bad weather .. I don't want to get hit by the lightening bolt YET !) .. I'm hoping to add to my collection of Goyles, because Carol has a dandy fellow (no offence Winthrop !)

There we are .. a mixed bag of nonsense for the first day in March .. ROLL ON SPRING !!


Crafty Gardener said...

Did you notice you and the goyle have a similar pose? yours from the front and goyles from the back.
Neat idea to take a photo monthly and post it.

Phillip said...

It looks like you are set for spring!

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

Anything I would stash under the bed would be shredded by the dogs. Thus, everything is forced to be above ground. Hope you Canadians thaw out soon!

Teza said...

Thanks to your header photo, I was out pricing Goyles for my shaded garden. I have some pixies or fairies and now want to add a goyle or two.....

Love the hyacinth, always one of my favourite spring fragrances! I am anxiously awaiting the local 'remainder' garden books to show up at the local video store. There are some amazing buys.... shall look for more great reads for the upcoming winter....'tis March and I shall also march forward!

Ann D. Travers said...

Love you Goyle and kitties! Our sixth Siamese could be Sophie's twin. She's a lynx point and a love. Great photos on your blog. Thank you for stopping by to see my Muse Day posting.

Frances said...

Hi Joy, I love all your posts, but the nonsense ones are my favorites. Those look like some great gloves, the hyacinth AND pot are gorgeous, the sun may be cheap but is a great garden ornament. I look forward to seeing Winthrop each month too. Wonderful idea!

The birds in my header photo are the cedar waxwings that came through my garden last week by the hundreds. I wrote a post called Thirsty Throngs about them. :-)

Anonymous said...

Joy ~ Just what I needed, what with our Nor'easter... yeah, three days of snow - that's killing all my springtime daydreams. Your photos and comments were just what the doctor ordered - love your display and especially the sun face! Bet that hyacinth will smell heavenly! So, you and carol have "goyles in the hood" in common... I'll be posting something of interest along those lines, soon.

Did you make it all the way through the March Corliss Clips? You'd think I was writing a book, not a monthly newsletter. It was so much fun just writing about spring, that I got carried away.

Thanks for your springtime cheer!/Deb

Anonymous said...

What a nice assortment of goodies to start the month off! :)

Meadowview Thymes said...

Love your "Spring Bag!" You have reminded me that I need new gardening gloves. I don't wear them very much though--I love to feel the dirt on my hands! :)

cindee said...

Great pictures(-: I love the sun from the dollar store(-:

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Linda .. Girl , I am still on the look out for "our" camera .. when I hit the jackpot I will let you know what store it is waiting for us at !!
Yes .. Carol has some awesome photos with her "Goyle Files" .. I want to get it right with Winthrop here : )

Hello there Philip .. I've been set for Spring so long my "spring" is weary ? haha

Hi there Brenda .. we have a severe cold warning again .. but not much snow forecast .. Jodi and Nancy are going to get far worse weather in the next few days .. good thing Canucks can handle it ? LOL
You should call your crew the "Shredders" ? haha

Teza .. You have to have a goyle !! I bet you will find a perfect one .. after seeing those frogs in one of your posts I am severely frog jealous ! .. The hyacinth is opening up so fast I am shocked but the anticipation of that heavenly scent is wonderful : )

Hi Ann .. it is strange how many clones there are , out there, of Sophie ? LOL .. she is a bit of a mix but the nature of the Siamese is within her (not as chatty though) she is described as a Lynx Point too .. I would love to see pictures of your little one ?
Thanks for stopping by my blog too : )

Hi Frances .. Ah !! Cedar waxwings ! .. that was one post I didn't get to read .. they are beautiful ! and the header picture is wonderful .. I know so little about birds but love watching them.
Yes ! we are all in need of nonsense posts aren't we ? : )

Deb !! .. I loved your post on the turkey .. still ready the Clips .. I kept thinking of you, Lucy Maud and the boys having a wonderful supper : ) LOL
Yes .. Carol takes amazing pictures and her Goyle Files have me totally dedicated to trying to do the same thing .. and I am looking forward to your mystery post along the same lines ?
It is icy cold here .. windy and nothing like a Spring day .. so I understand how you feel girl !!

Hi PG .. yes .. I am fond of my goodie bag and it really does help get through the beginning of March until decent weather "visits" ? : )

Hi Linda .. I used to be that way .. and the smell of good soil was wonderful : ) But now that I have some health issues I have to be very careful and gloves are a must .. but these ones are very sensitive so I can feel what needs to be handled gently .. OK .. this conversation is a bit strange ?LOL

Cindee .. Thank you ! , girl I am waiting to see pictures of your new Moon face !!

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

I can see you're all ready for spring... if the weather will just cooperate!

I like all the bounty you've stocked for your gardening season.


Jamie and Randy said...

That snow is starting to look very thin. Maybe it's going to go away now. :-)

Gail said...

Now I am the one who is late to the party! We need to coordinate our timing...we never get to have tea together and I am forced to eat chocolate by myself! I love your posts...all of them...the sky shots, the benchwarmers, the cats and this one...Spring Hopes and Rolls In.

take care and keep warm..that's what we are trying to do here! It's very cold this morning!


WiseAcre said...

Colder than a Garden Goyle's toes.

What's with this cold snap we're having? Did your attempt to set spring in motion backfire?

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Boy, it was cold here too. It looks like your place is getting ready for spring though. I like your "Mr. Sun." I think he's cute.~~Dee

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cameron .. how is Charm doing ?.. actually some of this has been collecting dust under the bed .. and I have so much more I would love to acquire .. bit by bit though eh ? LOL

J & R : ) .. of course the snow is looking thin ! it is on a constant DIET while down south !LOL

Gail .. why is that do you think we are out of sync ? I'm a poet and don't know it ? LOL .. lack of chocolate is making me crazy .. along with getting quotes for work to be done here .. talk about stress factors .. I don't know how I will survive the noise when the shed starts along with the deck. can I come down there and stay with you ? I will bring lots of chocolate !!!!!!!

Dear Mr. WiseA** .. you are the only one that has guessed the reason why we are still frozen .. dancing naked in the moonlight that other night .. well, it scared the heck out of Spring .. I should have kept my jammies on !!

Hi Dee ! Mr. Sun says thank you : ) I can't wait until I actually see sprouts of green showing their little faces .. I have to hold on till then !

Gail said...

Joy, Of course you can ...any time! We can eat all the chocolate we want in any form we like it...gail

garden girl said...

Not bad at all for a dollar Joy! I like your bargain sun.

Now if only the weather would cooperate, huh? You look like you're ready for spring right NOW(!) Joy!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Thanks Gail .. I'll bring down some Maple Syrup too since sugar bush season is upon us soon !! Have you had real maple sugar candy ?

Hi Linda .. thanks girl ! .. if the weather ever kicks into Spring , things around here are going to be so busy .. I'm a little worried ? all the noise with deconstruction converting to new construction ? yikes !

Cinj said...

Seeing that wonderful 6 pack of gloves from Costco makes me wish I was still able to go to Costco. I didn't make the 5 hour drive often enough to make it worth my while to keep up my membership. It looks like you're all set for spring!

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Love the little alter to spring. Clever! And gargoyles are the cutest things ever, rivaled only by some types of gnomes (the grumpy ones).

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cinj .. that is the deal or circumstance we have about IKEA .. none in Kingston and there is no way I would drive to Ottawa just for that .. I just have to get over IKEA and move on ? LOL
I do love these gloves though .. they are really comfortable yet sensitive .. sounds funny ? LOL

Hi Monica .. grumpy gnomes .. that is my Dave .. he hasn't been the same since the mushroom he sits on is cracked .. so that made him GRUMPY ! haha

Bren said...

I love your garden thoughts.... Thanks for sharing with me on this cold day in March. Happy Bloom Tuesday.... I am off to bookmark your page.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Bren .. thank you so much ! I just dropped by your blog and it is beautiful .. I love that sunset picture : )

Marie said...

Nice post :)
I'm set for spring too :)

Anonymous said...

That montly photo idea is great! I might steal it. My seed order hasn't even come back yet, and we have even more fresh snow here. Nature is going to have to get on the ball if we are going to have any signs of spring here soon.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Marie ! .. I think we are all "bursting" waiting for Spring to happen girl ! LOL

Gail said...

Joy, My dear Mr I travels to Vermont frequently and brings home Maple candy...He loves it! I am really not a sugar person preferring chocolate to anything.


kate smudges said...

Won't spring be fun? I like your collection of garden gloves ~ good deal there.

Love your gargoyle and am looking forward to seeing more pics of it!!

Rose said...

What else can we do but wait for spring right now, Joy?! Winthrop makes the perfect sentinel for your garden--I bet no critters dare enter it! Excellent idea to show his perspective each month.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Gail .. Yes chocolate is THE ONE ! but I have to say ... Fudge is THE ONE "A" ?? LOL

Hi Kate .. Yes, the gloves were a great bargain .. and Winthrop's view of the garden on a monthly basis is going to be interesting too I think ? .. hope all is well with you girl !

Hi Rose .. is this one long winter or what ? I hate waiting .. but I have to say we are busy with getting contracts sorted to do renos out side .. I'll be so glad when it is just a normal day,week, month and gardening ! : )

Sandy ! how did you sneak i between comments girl ? stealth mode ? .. yes ! hopefully all will go well and we will see signs of life again ? good luck with the seeds !

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Great idea! I'll be watching for the photos! Your spring 'pick me ups' look great, posing for the photo there. Soon you'll be able to use the gloves and place the Mr Sunshine out in the garden. Bet your hyacinth smells lovely!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the sun face! I'll have to scour our Dollar Stores to see if I can find one. :) Can't wait to see those hyacinths! It really does look like spring at your house.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Jan .. Thanks girl ! I don't know what it is about hyacinths in the last few years .. I can't seem to get the ones that have tight blooms crowded on the stem, they used to look so pretty .. now there are just a few florets ? and widely spaced .. it is leaning already too ! LOL

Hi Nancy .. Isn't it funny what you can find in the Dollar stores ?
We have warm temperatures and rain fore casted for tomorrow .. and one last contractor to measure the deck out and estimate the price .. next week we should have most of the information .. then booking a time to have it built .. I have a headache already ? haha