Thursday, 30 April 2009

What can I say ???????

Well ... what can I say really. The inspector of the day is to the right .. giving one of the work crew an earful STILL .. they have never seen a project go this way before and wouldn't it be us that it would happen to ?
A rather warm morning so on our way out I give the guys a few bottles of cold water .. they are working hard and I don't want them to keel over on the job from dehydration as apposed to stress with the inspector ?

Our little piece of administration heaven stuck to the door window to make sure no one is FINED for actually WORKING ? .. aka creating employment like our government wants us to ? They should talk to the city and see why it is such a nightmare to commission work here ; )
This is new deck door .. nothing fancy (other than the cost) the frame is indestructible (fiberglass) ? Low E glass .. UV protected .. all round space aged item that will outlast us in any case .. good thing because we are not going through this again ??????? .. A new light is on the books .. we already bought new solar lamps to attach to the railings .. coach light style.
Notice Emma's complete disapproval of all the nonsense she and Sophie have to put up with with the jackhammer noise .. soon to continue again because "said inspector" SAYS the footing molds have to be lower STILL" ...................... the saga continues ................... aaaaarrrgggghhhh !!!


Outside In said...

Cute picture of the cat looking out the patio door. Well, at least things are coming along, soon you'll have a new deck. It took my sister and I about 5 years to completely restore our 100 year old Victorian 2 flat and
it sure seem to go by pretty fast.

Water Roots said...

Emma's look is hilarious. She really does look like she's disgusted with it all...LOL...

Well, at least the doors are in...? Oh, really need some good fudge. I can't move there soon enough to prepare and bring you a batch! At least by the time I get to do that for you once I'm moved down there and settled in, you should have your new deck and be able to enjoy it outdoors.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Just keep telling yourself it will all be worth it when it's over! I know the stress, though, and I feel for ya sista!

Jill-O said...

She does NOT LOOK HAPPY! Isn't it amazing how expressive a cat's face is? Disapproval is written very plainly.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cathy .. yes Emma has her moments at the new door there : )
Hard to believe how much work and how long renos take .. certainly nothing compared to what we first think they will be ? LOL

Martha girl : ) Emma is disgusted with the mess like I am .. Sophie just wouldn't even look ? haha
I wonder if we really will have everything in place by the time you move .. it is beginning to make me question EVERYTHING ??? LOL
Ummmmmmmm ! fudge .. I think I would over dose if I had any near me right now .. so it is best I don't ?? LOL

Hey Nola .. thanks girl .. I keep telling myself that .. but "garden-self" keeps screaming in the back ground ??? haha

Jill cats do exactly THAT ! and so many people don't think they are expressive .. those are the non cat owners obviously ?? : )

Gail said...

Poor babies...I mean all of you! Jackhammer noise would be too much! Hang in there or go to a nursery for a little R&R. gail

our friend Ben said...

HA!!! Oh, dear, poor Emma looks so thoroughly disgusted that I just have to laugh, though I'm sure YOU don't feel like laughing right now! I think your new door looks great.

Commonweeder said...

Additions and renovations are always so disrupting. All last summer our yard was dug up for the building of two new cellar wall - to keep that end of the house from totally falling into the mud. Our new cellar door is basic barn door construction, no high tech, except for the sandwich filling of foam insulation.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Gail .. that noise was shattering ! and YES !!! I have been buying some plants, so that has been NICE .. but ! where the heck am I going to plant them is the question now ??? ; )

"ben" .. Emma made me laugh with that look too .. I couldn't catch the big blue eyed baby Sophie with that look yet .. but she has it on her face numerous times ? LOL
I know it will finish eventually .. won't it ???

Hi there CW .. that must have been a royal pain with so much going on .. we had raccoon adventures last year so it seems we just can't manage a QUIET year yet ?
If I could drink .. boy would I tie one on !! LOL

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

I feel your pain. HH does paving for his living, and well, inspectors can be a royal pain. I agree with your Emma. Hang in there.~~Dee

Anonymous said...

LOL at Emma in that last photo -- she really does look grumpy! :-)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Dee .. I guess inspectors are as much liked as the parking tickets guys ? LOL
I know this will be finished eventually and it will be nice .. but boy .. does it put a crimp in the garden for me ? : )

Hey Nancy .. it is kind of funny to see her look that way .. she is never grumpy .. but that look was perfect for how I felt ! LOL