Friday, 15 May 2009

Hodge Podge Friday Yet Again .......

Well here it is another "Hodge Podge Friday" ..
I was supposed to be head long into garden chores but what happened was .. going out to buy a few more accessories such as Triple Mix, Black Earth etc .. OK .. maybe a couple more plants but they were annuals this time ! I have to seduce some "hummers" to the deck railings with tubular flowers and wave petunias along with ruffled petunias in a red and white theme (I'm working on Canada Day flowers already .. we are the 1st of July for us Canucks !) .. end result .. stopped for some groceries and by the time I got home I was done in .. the crowds at the garden centers are totally without morals and completely ruthless (and that is just me on my own !!) ... the numbers of Canadians that have been let loose from winter blahs is scary .. best to hide in your own garden till the feeding frenzy is over !!
My sympathies to nursery and garden center staff retro active from Mother's Day !
Our resident "Sweetie Pie" couple .. still courting even with the nest finally built in my neighbors arbor.
Below is the perfect "newness" of our Pacific Sunset Maple's leaves .. all shiny and gorgeous : )
.... yes, I can not help it ... another picture of Jack .. each day he changes and makes me smile even more ! I have Casa Blanca lily behind him ..
The young-lings .. baby "Lady-in-Red" fern .. Aguilegia Canadensis .. and "Herman's Pride" lamium. Playing together so nicely .. so far !
My almost "chocolate and gold" planting .. so far I think this is Penstemon digitalis ‘Husker Red’ and my gold Creeping Jenny .. nice combo right ? .. I thought so too !
Finally some new kids on the block that will be strategically placed in a some what dry river bed ? ... to look like they almost belong there .. meet Bella and Lugosi .. Bella the more petite of the two .. and well Lugosi has to keep his identity just between us ... right ?


Anonymous said...

You really have a great knack at combining colors & textures in the garden Joy. I can't wait for my Jack Frost to look as full & lush as yours! Love the new fishies, they will make a nice addition to your dry steam bed. :)

Gail said...

Joy, The new leaves of trees are so delicate and almost always a sweet softer green. casa and Jack make a great couple...her white coloring and his frosted leaves! It's kismet! We are kindred spirits, we've known that, ...we both like to give our creatures sun glasses! Hmm. Mr Welcome to C&L Pig has no name...we must name him! gail

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there Racquel !
Thank you girl : ).. I am waiting for Jack to throw some young-lings out for me with in the next couple of years .. kids !
I just had to have a couple of character fish .. I don't have a water feature (does a bird bath count ?) so a dry river bed (short version) and a lot of imagination ? LOL

Gail girl .. new leaves that are bright and shiny look so gorgeous to me .. had to have a picture of them ! Funny thing about the sunglasses eh ? .. now names are a thing for me .. they help me try to fire up my memory cells .. makes them work a little harder ?
YES !! they must have names girl !

tina said...

The resident sweet couple are so cute and accomodating with their pictures. Yes, very nice combo with the crreping Jenny and Huskers. I can't get creeping Jenny to live here:( Oh well. Enjoy your spring and beware of those crowds:)

garden girl said...

I second what Racquel said about your knack for combining colors and textures - very inspiring Joy!

The nursery where I work is crazy too. The regulars know when to shop to get some peace and quiet! It's a good thing for the nursery industry, and encouraging for the future.

I hope a lot of these new gardeners keep at it. Hopefully they'll reduce their stress enough in their gardens to play nice when they go to the nursery.

Andrea said...

It's busy! I've admitted, I had no patience for customers today because I got treated really badly at the begining of my day by a landscaper. It just tumbled one into the other and I had three trucks, 40 racks of plants to unload and a drying greenhouse! By the end of the day, everyone was done. Everyone! Bravo to you for fighting the crowds. We died over there!

AND.... they sold my tree. Bleh. I tagged a tree and one of the bosses sold it by accident (she didn't see my tag) so her brother came in (another boss) and he gave me a tree for MORE money that I can pay low price for (I was really upset that my tree was sold off D: but I didn't say anything. And I got something nice out of it!).

I LOVE the fishes. LOVE THEM.In fact, I never thought to put fishes on my table. Yup. Love that. LOve that a lot.

CiNdEe said...

I love those fish!!!(-: The Sunglasses are perfect!!!(-:
A dry creek bed sounds wonderful!!!! I can't wait to see how you do it(-:

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Tina .. the "sweetie pies" really are cute and don't mind their picture being taken .. that is too bad you can't get Jenny to live in your garden .. she is a living "mulch" as well .. and great for contrast : )
Thanks girl .. I have sharp elbows for the crowds !

Thank you so much Linda !.. I boldly go where no man/woman has gone before ? LOL
YES ! .. that is what I was thinking too .. about newbie gardeners and whether they will stick to it or not .. I understand life can be horrendously busy .. but .. this is such an impacting way of life .. not a hobby : )

Oh Andrea ! You had a truly crappy day girl .. I'm so sorry ... it makes for a crappy time all round. What was the tree you had tagged ? and what was the tree that you got in place of it ? I'm so curious !!
The fish couple known as Bella and Lugosi will be moving to the back garden as soon as the chaos is out of there and it actually becomes my garden again .. I can't wait !!!
Hope you have much better days at work from now on girl : )

Hi Cindee .. Thank you girl ! .. Now remember I'm working with VERY limited space .. so what I think is a dry creek bed and some one that really has one .. well, it will be worlds apart ?? LOL .. but i have some nice ornamental rive rock .. so my plan is in motion !!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Hi Joy, yes I am doing fine also. Have been reading your blog faithfully, just not a lot of time to stick around and leave a comment. I get you about the garden centres, kind of like the big sale days after Christmas, except they are all plants. Poor staff, at least it only lasts for awhile.

Things are looking well at your place, nice to see the new additions.


our friend Ben said...

Ha!!! Bella and Lugosi!!! Too priceless! Reminds me of our parakeets Taco, Belle, and Laredo! I, too, am eager to see them in the dry creek garden. (Let's just hope they don't develop any vampiristic tendencies towards gnomes, gargoyles, or, gulp, cats.) Love your maple leaves, and who could resist Jack? I adore golden creeping Jenny, but have used mine to set off green, green-black, and yellow-and-green variegations so far. Using it to showcase red foliage is just perfect!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi again Jen
No worries about the comments .. I am in the same boat.. so much to do in the garden it is making me dizzy .. I didn't expect a rain day today .. so more time to rest up and charge the batteries to dig into it all !
Yup .. exactly like pre and post Xmas shopping for most people ? .. except the true gardeners like our group ? LOL
I do love this creeping jenny for all sorts of purposes .. against black mulch with plants is very striking too .. I'm sure you have some beautiful combos : )

Hi there 'ben" .. I thought you would laugh at my fishy names .. and yes ! I remember your parakeets names and chuckle over those as well .. this dry creek area is going to be a bit of a challenge .. and very short/small .. but the general idea will be there I hope !
I think most day time creatures will be safe from them .. I can't say about naughty night time creatures though ?? haha

Kathleen said...

Yes, the gold creeping Jenny & the Husker Red combo is fabulous! Good going. At least some things are going right in your garden, huh?!!!!

Meadowview Thymes said...

The colors are all so pretty in your garden Joy! Love the red with the green of creeping jenny!
Cute fish...take a picture when you put them in their "new home." :)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Slowly but surely Kathleen .. we are even looking a a neat new type of rain barrel that is flush to the wall .. and in a brown that will match up with the shed .. now how sad is that for a woman to get excited over something like that I ask you ?? LOL

Hey there MT aka Linda ? .. thank you girl ! .. there will be more nice colour combos hopefully .. as the garden fills out .. it has started though and that is what counts ! .. Yup .. Bella and Lugosi will be featured a few times this year I am sure !!