Friday, 8 May 2009

Hodge Podge Friday !

Here we are at another HP Friday .. the time seems to fly by in one way and crawl by in another .. this was yesterday on the deck (wouldn't you know the first thing the guys did for us was put the BBQ on because the stairs weren't in yet .. must be a guy thing ? ; )
Today the stair case is on and some of the lattice work is done .. and it is so wonderful to have most of the deck done now .. next it will take until the week of the 18th to get our handyman shed-guys going .. it is a busy time of year ? duh ?
I couldn't help but start potting up my herbs .. rosemary the key one .. dill, oregano, basil, lots of sage, lemon thyme .. I love them all !
Jack is BACK ! a little shy still but definitely saying hello as are the rest of his buddies here in this corner of the garden.
Yes ... there is a plant line up going on .. I can't keep up with what I buy once again. Pinot Gris heuchera is a nice find .. I can't get Kong coleus yet for some reason .. thus the urn and companion pot aren't done yet .. but there are my burgundy spike plants ready for the center .. along with that neon yellow sweet potato vine .. a few campanulas and sedum .. a mish mash ?

We have thunder showers going back and forth .. along with my headache .. it is hard to avoid the migraine mill with so much going on, noise and what not. Early bedtimes help, right ?

Finally the girls have their cuteness meter on for these shots .. sometimes Sophie just needs some licking by Emma .. then they scramble like kids .. after all they are our cat kids anyways ?


tina said...

Yes, early to bed sure helps with headaches. The deck is looking good-almost done. Won't be long. Your plants look great.

Outside In said...

Must feel great to have a new deck, and you seem to have a good amount of planting to do. Sure looks like a lot of fun. Your kitties are so

Nola @ the Alamo said...

The heuchera is beautiful; I'd never seen it until recently, now it seems I'm seeing it all over!
Yes, the spring just screams "time for herbs", doesn't it? Do you buy dill or plant it from seed? I love it but NEVER can grow it from seed; guess I'm "dill challenged".

our friend Ben said...

Awwww, the cats look so adorable, and your plants are starting to look like their usual fabulous selves, Joy! Shiloh has worn me out so I'm off to an early bedtime, but I'll try to send you some pictures... she's so sweet, even your girls would have to love her!

Aerie-el said...

Great HP Friday post!!!
The deck looks fantastic; the burgundy and yellow plant combinations are to swoon over (when's the last time you heard that word--swoon?!); and the photos of the kitties have the cute-meter pegged, for sure.
Have a great weekend!

Lynn said...

Things are looking good!!! I hope we get a nice weekend to plant some of those plants. I have a bunch that really needs put in the ground!!! Happy Mothers Day!!

Anonymous said...

Your deck looks grand. I entered your blog via the back door on blotanical and wasn't caught up. Big changes since I was last here. Nice to see the grill is back in place.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there Tina : )
Those weather systems swinging in and out create monster headaches don't they ? .. the smaller details to come with the deck being finished .. then the shed .. by end of June it might be complete ? Phew ??

HI Cathy ..Thank you girl ! .. soon ? hopefully ? we can get the normal routine back in our little nest .. I am seeking a landscaping contract with simple adjustments .. now that shouldn't be a problem right ? LOL

Nola .. I am so totally challenged by seeds it isn't funny .. no seeds for me when it comes to herbs .. I buy starter plants and that cuts the stress down ? haha .. I just saw this heuchera lately and I loved it !
I liked the "dill challenged" statement : ) too funny !

'ben' I know what it is like to have new little life forces in the house .. and I can understand how exhausted you feel .. I just know my girls would love Shiloh some how and YES ! pictures would be great girl !

Aerie-el hello there girl !
Thank you : ) .. I have to get moving and find the coleus I pair up with the plants for the front step .. and the girls think they are always cute ?? little ego maniacs like all cats ? haha
Swoon is the perfect word for how I will feel when all these projects will be finished ? haha

Lynn girl , Happy Mother's Day to you too ! I'm hoping Number One Son does the same thing from last year .. garden ornaments !!! haha
Yes .. some garden adjustments to be done to squeeze in more plants for sure ! .. hope you have some good weather too !

Hey there Anna .. I really do think it was a VIP guy thing to get that on the deck even before the stairs were on .. the guys just insisted so John could BBQ ! haha .. not as yet because it needs a serious clean out and new cover .. that is my case ! LOL

Gail said...

Yippee...With the deck near completion and you potting up herbs and getting the new plants ready to go in the ground, all the mayhem will be just a memory! The girls are looking great. gail

Rose said...

Looks like everything is finally starting to come together for you, Joy. And I can see you are ready to begin planting! I think heucheras draw me in with their names--I just bought a tiramisu:)

Laura said...

Glad to see your deck finally done!

Darlene said...

Hi Joy,

I haven't been by in a while and just wanted to stop in and say Happy Mother's Day to you!

Love all of your garden pictures and the pictures of your sweet kitties!♥

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Gail .. we have a bot further too until it will be just a memory (I can't wait for that to happen !!).. more details work on the deck .. waiting for the handy man to come do his shed work .. but the plants must be happening to keep me sane ? ; )

Rose girl, how true is that about heuchera ? .. I want that one too as well as Miracle .. I know you have to have that one as well Rose .. just for the name ? LOL
I am a fan of them and can't help myself ! haha

Hi Laura .. not quite but almost and that is better than "just beginning" right ? LOL

Darlene ... girl, I am remiss on visiting your blog too .. and I'm sorry about that because you have such a great one .. I'm going there right now : )

garden girl said...

The deck looks great Joy! Glad that particular disruption is almost behind you - how exciting the shed is next on the list! Your garden looks gorgeous!

Sophie and Emma sure are good at ramping up the cuteness quotient!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see your deck finally taking shape. Now if only mine would!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Linda .. the girls just knew they had a show going on and ran with it ? LOL .. A few more details to the deck and then we "wait" for shed man to get to us on his long list of contracts .. busy time of year ! ... maybe by the end of June things will finally be done and I can see my garden again ? LOL

MsRobin welcome to the "reno club .. specially the deck duh ? one .. haha ! It seemed so simple and straight forward when we put our plans together at the time ?? LOL

CiNdEe said...

Geez this weekend went by so fast I didn't have time for a post Friday/Saturday or Sunday. I need a rest. Have to go to work today though so no rest for me. Or do they say "No Rest For the Wicked"? That would be me for sure(-:
I missed the deck being finished and everything?
Geez I am so far behind in three days! I bet you are so happy to have it done. And the BBQ...yes that is for sure a guy thing. They are the BBQ Kings after all!!! My husband has two. One gas one wood. He loves BBQ'ing

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cindee .. I just posted today about the deck finally being finished "today" ! .. I didn't post all weekend either .. it went so fast I have no idea what has happened .. I had a great Mother's Day : ) Hope you did too ?
That is funny about your hubby having two BBQ's .. I love the old way of charcoal .. the taste is so good .. gas is quick and easy though and I don't do any of that type of cooking .. hubby is the chef ? haha
Hope you get some rest Cindee .. you sound tired girl !