Friday, 1 May 2009

May Hodge Podge Friday

I had truly hoped to have the first day in may with Winthrop posing on the railing of the new deck .. plus having the garden up and running smoothly.
But it ain't so .......... DRATS ! .. so here is Winthrop with Bernard on top of the fridge .. safe from the dangers of construction .. I'm afraid he may come to like it too much inside actually .. an outside gargoyle is not one to be toyed with !!

Our little love doves are courting still in the havoc of the back garden .. they seem to like the chaos of it all for snippets of privacy .. it is a windy gray day .. but soon it is to be sunny and beautiful : )

My plants from the last few days .. it is so hard to find dill !! I was able to scavenge two fern leaf dill at two different stores but it is a rare commodity for sure !
I have rosemary .. but no the Tuscan rosemary I prefer .. but beggars can't be choosers ?
There are a few little campanulas .. and other little oddities to find homes for .. so we shall see what comes of the IMPULSE buying yet again ??
My poor little Trillium .. long story short I pulled him out by mistake and dared to hope it might still open in the little bud vase .. so far it is unfurling and might just open to the beautiful flower it was meant to be ?

Happy May Day Everyone : )


Louise @ Buddy Garden said...

I hear ya with the impulse buying. I always end up buying more things than I intended to when I'm at the nursery.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Louise .. we just can't help ourselves can we ? we could be getting into worse troubles than the nurseries !! LOL

Nola @ the Alamo said...

No matter how stern I promise to be, when I get to the garden center, I almost always walk away with something I just HAD to have!

tina said...

So glad the trillium is going to bloom for you. I am liking your 'hodgepodge' Friday. Very innovative.

Outside In said...

It's just in our blood isn't it? I always seem to have plants jumping into my cart when I visit the nursery
how odd is that, but you must have the same problem as I do. (Ha..Ha)

Anonymous said...

I need to buy some new containers for the balcony and keep putting it off for the same reason -- I'll come home with half the store (that I can't afford!). It's an addiction, I tell you. :)

CiNdEe said...

Happy May Day!!!!
I am happy Winthrop is safe inside. I bet he will say OMG why do I have to stay outside all winter? Never again!!! You may have to drag him outside kicking and screaming!!! But he will enjoy his new railing to stand watch on the garden!(-: Soon!!!!
As for those naughty doves. Tell them to get a room and shack up! I have told several Orioles to do that same thing. The nerve of them doing all that in public! I think its the t.v. now days! They get so many bad ideas from it!(-:

GardenJoy4Me said...

Nola girl ! .. I am the same way .. it must be the "soil" in our garden blood crying for plants ? LOL : )

Hi Tina .. Thank you girl !
My poor Trillium .. I forgot to put it on top of the kitchen hutch out of the way of Emma .. this morning I found it on the floor ..JEEZ !! .. I can't blame Emma .. it was my fault: (

Cathy .. I think we all have it in our blood .. our heart races when we get in a nursery .. it is all natural for us right ?? LOL

Nancy .. it truly is an addiction, not only for plants but for garden jewelery ? LOL

Cindee .. girl you cracked me up ! .. I was thinking the same thing about the doves (get a room is right !) haha
Yes !! that is a worry about Winthrop .. he might not want to go outside again .. this could be tricky !! : )

Gail said...

It's Saturday morning and I missed this yesterday! You will love this...we've had pouring rain for days, but there I was at the local grocery store looking through their pots of plants sopping wet! Yes, several came home with me. So, how did Saturday dawn? gail

Meadowview Thymes said...

Looks like you are ready to plant Joy! I can't go to a garden center without coming home with something!
Happy May!!

Anonymous said...

Shopping for plants is so much fun that I'm always bringing home impulse buys. :) Then the hard part is trying to figure out where I'm going to put them, lol.

Andrea said...

Heheehe. I like the Cat. Where did you get that?

Rose said...

Winthrop looks like he's wondering why he couldn't have spent the winter inside instead of under that covering of snow:)

Looks like you are all ready to fill up the garden once the deck is finished, Joy. I'm off this afternoon on my first plant shopping excursion of the season; I've been very good so far and have restrained myself to mostly window shopping. But today? Now that the sun is finally shining, my wild and impulsive side just might win out:)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Gail ..Saturday is a blur to me now .. I spent the whole day in the garden and starting the "shared space' with my neighbour in the ally way .. I came in after all I had done aching from head to toe .. went straight to bed .. it was a good garden day but I will have to take a few days off to recover : )

Hi Linda (MT: ) ... I can't NOT look girl .. and I DO come home with something most times .. there is something that possesses us ? during this time .. we have no free will ? we HAVE to look and buy ! haha

Racquel .. I just LOVE looking (and buying).. I can't describe how excited I get when I go each time .. like I will find a treasure some how ? LOL

Andrea .. hi there girl : ) Bernard came from Canadian Tire ages ago .. I thought he might break in the garden so he went to live on top of the fridge ... at least he is company for Winthrop ? LOL

GardenJoy4Me said...

Rose ! how did you sneak in there between comments ?? This is your first plant expedition of the year ? You GO GIRL !! and please tell what you are finding and planting ?? .. Yes .. Winthrop has muttered his opinions on seasonal conflicts !! LOL

Sue said...

I just got caught up from where I left off. You sure are going through a lot to get your deck and shed built! I hope things start to come together and go more smoothly.

We have a dove couple, too. They raise their babies in the veggie garden until they can fly.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Sue .. You can't help but have a soft spot for doves .. they are such quiet gentle birds, yet they can be so comical too : )
I see we are going to have rain a lot this week .. another delay in action for the deck probably .. good grief !! will it ever get finished ? ; )

Anonymous said...

I've nearly offed my dill a couple of times since getting it, however something strange has occurred where I thought to plant it.
Best wishes for the month.

GardenJoy4Me said...

knittnkitten ! You didn't say what the strange thing was that occurred girl !! .. I have to get over there and pester an answer out from you ? LOL