Sunday, 21 June 2009

Do you feel overwhelmed too ?

I have been feeling a bit rough the last week or so ..
Rain is like some kind of steroid injection to the garden and when I do have a chance to have a quick walk about ... well , I feel so overwhelmed with the aphids .. slugs .. not getting vines supported properly .. etc ... etc ....
You know what I mean .. the garden has lept forward and I have fallen backwards feeling ?
I know some bloggers out there are suffering from way too much rain .. like Lynn and Patsi ... then the other extreme is poor Debbie with DRY conditions.
I know I am not alone but ............ JEEZ ! I'm in that tunnel of "how the heck am I going to keep up with this?"
I did one positive experiment this morning .. I made a concoction of Murphy's oil soap , a smidgen of baking soda and a few drops of veggie oil , to attack aphids and those ROTTEN lily beetles .. I think the conditions were just right .. it has rain a lot over the last few days .. plants were still "moist" .. it was a little after 6 this morning .. no wind, so nice to do a walk about .. and spray those little fiends from "bug HELL".
So maybe doing one positive thing can send out a life line to us ? .. make us think "yes we can !!"
Now if only one thing, would satisfy the condition of the house ?


Rose said...

Overwhelmed is definitely the word to describe me at times! I was feeling very good about myself that I had weeded the new flower bed several days ago, but this morning I noticed after all the rain we've had, the weeds are back!

Your concotion sounds like a good alternative to anything harsh; I hope it works. Meanwhile, your garden is looking good to me; I think the plants are appreciating all that rain.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Rose girl .. is there anything on earth more persistent than weeds .. hum ... yup ! bugs !!! LOL
Do you use mulch in your flower beds .. even veggie beds will love their security blanket of mulch too : )
YES ! the plants love the rain .. but now they need some drying out time and sun (my morning glory duo of Moonflower and Chocolate)first year with these types.
I did love the "I don't have to drag the hose around to water" down time though : )

islandgardener said...

I'm glad for the rain -- I wish I could time it so that it rains only at night! Wouldn't that be the best! When it rains during the day, it thwarts all of the plans in the garden for that day, so that when I finally DO get out, I fell overwhelmed,too!!!! Because now you have to pull all the weeds that grew just as much as the plants. Drat those things!

tina said...

I am overwhelmed too. So much to do and never ever enough time. I will focus on one positive thing though. My attitude is always one day at a time and somehow sooner or later things get done. Maybe not on a fast schedule or when they should be done, but at one day a time things do get done. One positive, one day and life goes on. A beautiful thing. Hang in there everyone. In a few weeks it'll be too hot for weeds to grow and you can relax a bit. Anyhow, if they grow, so be it. There's always tomorrow or the next day....:)

Helen said...

Is that concoction your own invention? Can you give a bit more info? How much Murphy's, what percentage water, &c.? Thanks.

Helen said...

If you haven't guessed from that last comment: aphids -- more than I can squish (especially on the spiny rugosa roses)! It has been rainy rainy rainy in Toronto, too.

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

I hear you, Joy! I'm beyond overwhelmed...between being in another part of the province all week, fighting more health challenges and it RAINING when I finally am home...I'm pretty discouraged. (It's raining on this first day of summer, a terrific way to get started...Sigh...maybe I should just pave the entire seven acres. (lol).

Lynn said...

Our weather report for this whole week has no "I said" NO rain in the forcast. Could it be true. I might even get to use my new soaker hose hooked up to my water barrels!!! Maybe we can finaly walk in our Vegie Garden to get some weeding done.It has been an overwelming couple of weeks here. But now that the sun is out those flowers along with the weeds will really be growing. I guess we need a plan of attack... LOL Here we come weeds WATCH OUT!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to look around and think well done but I keep seeing more and more that needs my attention. So now and then I just have to force myself to enjoy something.

our friend Ben said...

This wretched rain is SO miserable, Joy!!! We're seeing the sun for five seconds right now and can't wait to take Shiloh to the open-air Emmaus Farmers' Market and then for a good walk. As you say, it's so hard to muster the energy to get anything done when it's black as pitch in the middle of the day!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello IG .. Programming rain at night would be just right ! I wouldn't be surprised if one day they can do that .. but of course I will be long gone by then .. gardening the hard way ? haha
Do you use mulch ? .. it can help those nasty weed creatures down : )

Tina I think I will have to call you Scarlet O'Hara, girl ! "there's always tomorrow" and that is the best way to be .. I wish I could get that in my head and it would stick ! .. I think the heat is coming .. we are having the humidex readings estimated now .. hiding in the house will be happening during prime time, with very early morning adventures ! haha

Helen I ran across it when a British friend gave me a general one .. but I didn't have liquid soap until I remembered Murphy's Oil Soap .. I'll post the recipe for you ; ) .. yes !! I have too many aphids on my roses .. Morden classed ones .. too many thorns as well .. it must be hot in Toronto .. phew !! what about the threatened garbage strike ?

Jodi .. I'm sorry you are feeling badly .. I have been too, I think weather can contribute so much more to how we feel physically .. and that does SUCK, having rain on the first day of summer .. I am converting lawn areas to pea gravel this Autumn .. hubby has his patch out front to mow and that is enough ! LOL

Lynn .. girl I would be shaking on my stalk if I was a weed in your garden !! Go get'um girl ! haha
I have a nice full rain barrel now too .. that helps out a lot : ) You gotta' love the rain barrels !

Hello Donna .. I think we fester the job lists in our garden brains way too much as well .. we need time to actually enjoy our gardens rather than worry constantly about getting chores done ! ; )

'ben" .. I was thinking of naughty Shiloh the other day when NAUGHTY EMMA got in trouble for pulling plants down from my kitchen window sill .. she was so BAD !! and what an attitude about it all .. Sophie and I just shook our heads at her !
Now that will be a treat for you all at the market : ) buy something really good like some ........ FUDGE ???? LOL

Outside In said...

I do feel a bit overwhelmed, it's been raining on and off for the last 3 weeks, the temperatures are either chilly or extremely hot and humid. What a strange season this year, but at least your garden is looking grand where mine has an overload of weeds...again.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cathy girl .. I'm so glad to have company with how this feels at times .. we all seem to be going through rough patches .. I hate to say this .. but I'm so looking forward to Autumn already ? .. does that sound awful or what ? LOL
I know I was just complaining about winter ! good grief !! ; )

Anonymous said...

I spoke to this very feeling on a new post this morning -- I think a lot of what seems to overwhelm us is that we wait soooo long for winter to be over and for spring to finally arrive, that when it does, it just steamrolls right over us and then we're hardpressed to just keep up! At least that's my experience. :) I'm betting, with better weather, your garden will flourish and your yard be as beautiful as ever. :)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Nancy girl .. that is it exactly ! Winter seems to take forever .. Spring rips through on a breeze .. then bang it is our hot humid summer before we get to catch our breath .. it is more so this year for me because we have gone through a lot of out door renovations with the deck and shed .. you never know how much you use them until they are tinkered ? with .. haha
My garden is moving forward fast and I feel like I am stuck in reverse ? ; )

VP said...

Oh Joy, how this post chimes so well with life over here :( Hope you're feeling better soon.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there VP girl !
Thank you .. a bit brighter this morning (I was up at 5:30 : )
I did a quick walk about in the back garden and OMG ! there is so much to be done .. my neighbor's lilac wants to live in my garden smack in the middle of my cone flowers .. and no doubt on the other side my sumac wants to live in my other neighbor's garden ..a chain reaction of wandering plants ? LOL