Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Colour and Shape of "sights and scents"

"Hameln" (aka pennisetum alopecuroides) along with Black Eyed Susans and Walker's Low with a touch of fescue grass is keeping Southern Bush Honeysuckle company in its new home .. well, for this year in any case .. are you ever THAT sure when you plant something you are not absolutely sure it is in the right place .. but it has to be planted so it can relax ?
I also had to have "Little Bunny" pennisetum ... if only because of the name ?

I'm no absolutely sure if this is a Crazy Daisy Shasta or not .. but it certainly looks like it and it certainly lights up a dark corner of the garden .. and it is usually difficult to get a detailed picture of its face because it shines so well .. but I think I have got it ?
Joe Pye is coming along nicely .. it seems to draw in company from all sorts of little creatures in the garden .. this fly , well .... I swear he posed for me ! .. and that is all I have to say about the matter .. no bribery was included ? wink wink
It has been a few years since my original Golden Jubilee hyssop was the parent to many children in my garden .. I have to admit to supplementing it with an end of season one as well because I love that contrasting colour .. especially mixed with the fennel and Pineapple Sage .. another one I have to have in the garden .. no matter how some one describes how this plant smells .. there is nothing like smelling it yourself ... it is amazing !!
Can you see the other fly that posed for this picture ? It is perfect against this other dark echinacea .. I have lost track of which is "Fatal Attraction" and "Merlot" ... BAD gardener alert!!

Porcelain Berry vine is one heck of a beauty as it matures during the season .. the berries look like little pearls until they also mature .. then they become the most stunning blue as in Wedgewood Jasper Wear .. you have to see it to believe it type of colour.
Now for TES aka Tiger Eye Sumac ... it still isn't growing "up" for me .. just out. I'm not complaining .. it is just a baby yet .. besides you know what other Sumac I have in the garden (I don't want to make it jealous .. right ?)

Look at this colour ! .. does that look like a teasing example of what it's Autumn colours may be ? And why is it doing that now I wonder .. I hope it is not a "swan song" ..
Gail .. if you are reading this .. let me know if you have noticed colour changes too please ?

Last is one of my most favorite plants .. Zephirine Drounhin rose .. a very old bourbon cultivar.
The scent sends me straight back to childhood where we had what we thought was a wild rose shrub .. that smell, I can't describe how wonderful it is to me !
I remember pressing roses in heavy books .. checking on them far too often to see how they were drying out .. but the scent remained .. faint but very distinguishable .. I loved it : )

I wish I could include the smell of it !


Gail said...

Joy, TES is starting to yellow up here, too! Oh, it's going to be stunning! I am so glad you helped me decide on her/him! I was at the nursery and saw and of course fell for Merlot and Fatal Attraction! Fatal Atrraction seemed a richer deeper color....Really both are outstanding....They may join the gang here but later this season when i won't have to water! gail

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Gail girl .. we have to convince more gardeners to have TES .. it is essential for world domination ? LOL .. I'm loving this early red tone with orange .. I hope it isn't a bad sign with it being so early doing this ? can you tell I am a worrier ?? haha
Dark echinacea are just so magnetic in grabbing our attention .. I am hoping to track down more .. but remember where the heck I put WHO this time ? ; )

tina said...

Your garden matures most wonderfully. I am never sure I plant a plant in the right place. What a pain. But they sure do appreciate the relaxing.

Barry said...

I will probably be the odd one out here, but I am so totally under-whelmed with TES. All horizontal and no vertical growth! It gets a good deal of sun throughout the day but the colour is not the fabulous chartreuse that I want - and read so much about. And yes, what's with the pinking of the lower foliage? I have the same thing!
I'm really hard on my plants (my expectations) and sadly think this was a mistake. If only we were closer, you could adopt him or her! Alas, we can't all be happy all the time, can we?

Unknown said...

Tiger Eye Sumac IS amazing, but I'm still back on the cutleaf sumac. Once longsuffering-spouse stops whacking things with the snowplow or whippersnipper, I'll invest in a TES.
I love your Golden Jubilee Hyssop. I haven't been able to get it around here or I'd have it, because I love golden plants.

CiNdEe said...

Everything looks so lovely and fresh there!! I am missing that here. Its dry and not pretty thats for sure.
Tes sure is a pretty Sumac(-: I bet it will be awesome this fall!

Anonymous said...

I always wish we could include smell in our garden blogs, especially when I show my rose called Michelangelo. Yum! I was sure hoping you'd see my post about the sunset, as I knew you'd certainly enjoy it. Glad you did.

F Cameron said...

Your color and foliage combinations are stunning! I am loving the agastache golden jubilee (first year here). I've heard that it reseeds, but I'm okay with that!


gittan said...

No, no, no, no.. no more Sumac in my garden! No matter how great they look. We're getting writ of the one we have as soon as we can since it´s working hard on taking over the hole neighourhood "LOL" Loved to see the pictuer of 'Golden Jubilee' which I've just planted in the raised bed hoping that it'll keep the foliage colour. I've grown them from seeds this year so the don't look much yeat / gittan

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Tina .. I think it is in a gardener's nature to keep thinking forward to what will look better as plants mature .. plus heaven knows we will find more plants to play with right ? ;-)

Puppy .. hey ! you are allowed to feel any way you want about a plant : ) You have to go with how you feel or you would never be happy .. for me TES is working out very well with the colour it holds where it is .. I would like it to grow up a bit more .. but it just got here .. so I can afford to be a little patient ? haha
Can you imagine living closer ? .. I would be saying "can I have ...?" all the time !!! So be glad you don't live closer !! LOL

Jodi .. too funny about husband, but I bet a lot of us have those type of "accidents" happening .. I always calculate where the snow blower comes out to get to the front ;-)
You will love Golden J. Hyssop .. I started quite a few years back with it and can not go without it now .. it seeds very quietly (not a thug by any stretch) so I have spread babies around where I want them .. hope by next year you can have one too !!

Cindee .. I don't know how you do what you do in those temperatures girl ! You ave such an awesome garden with such great garden art .. Jack is a wonderful help too I am sure ? LOL
Fingers crossed for some rain for you !!

Robin girl .. that sunset was stunning .. I so wish I could see one like that and I am so glad you are taking pictures so I can see them ! I have had no beautiful sunrises here .. they will return with Autumn but not having great sky pictures is a huge gap that I feel .. I'll have to hang out at your blog MORE ! LOL

Hello there Cameron ! thank you ! I can say very honestly that it isn't a garden thug with reseeding .. as I said to Jodi , it is very quiet and controled about it all .. when I first saw a few new babies I was delighted !!
You have to have one girl : )

Hello gittan ! I understand how you feel about the sumac .. it can be a handful and I do try to keep control over it in the garden .. but TES was something I just had to experience ? LOL
I admire you growing Golden Jubilee from seed ! .. you are going to love it : )

Carrie said...

there is just one word that leaps into my head - BEAUTIFUL. Your garden is a delight x

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Carrie girl !
I hope you have been feeling well : )
Thank you ! I appreciate you stopping by .. you are such a sweetie : )

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

JOy, what great plants you have!! Ilike the Hameln and Little Bunny- though mine died. :-( That Merlot is great!! What a rich color. Tiger Eyes has always intrigued me, love the cut leaf. Have looked at the Zephrine rose over and over again. Perhaps when we get to SC.

Randy said...

Oooooooh how pretty! Joy, I really do just love your garden. You have such an excellent selection of plants!--Randy

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Janet girl ! You had no luck with the little grasses ? .. I have been lucky so far .. fingers crossed .. I do love ornamental grass to really shake things up from flowers .. it makes me feel "beachy" ? haha .. too many jokes could happen with that statement eh ? If you ever come across this rose .. I swear you will fall deeply in love with it .. thorn less with amazing colour and scent .. you have to get it Janet !!
There is an elderberry called Sutherland Gold that is cut leaf .. it is almost as good as TES .. it could be its twin almost, so if you want to test drive a similar plant which might be a bit cheaper .. that one could be a good trial plant : )

Randy .. you are so sweet ! Thank you!! .. if only I didn't have neighbors on the other side of the fence .. I would love one foot in the country and the other in the outskirts of Kingston for the conveniences ? LOL

Katarina said...

The white Daisy is gorgeous! And I do understand your love for Zepherine Drouhin - it's a beautuful rose! I don't know if I dare to admit that I haven't got a Sumac tree... but your passionate descriptions of yours make me wish I least one...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Katarina .. Zepherine touches something in me from childhood .. I can't describe how wonderful she makes me feel : )
Ah yes .. sumac is a love hate battle .. for me it is mostly love, even as I keep yanking out her younglings all over the garden ! LOL .. You may be better off just admiring mine ? ;-)