Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Fly Part II

Is it me ... or do you think there is a huge conspiracy going on in our gardens ?
Does this fly even look real ? .. I think they are tiny robots sent as the first wave of an alien insect race who is going to invade earth .. they want to know what humans to spare ?
That means .. all of us good little gardeners are SAFE because we know how to keep the earth living, and green .. so what if it means world domination by fly-beings ?
..... and no ... I haven't stopped taking my meds ;-)


Lynn said...

Are you sure you took your meds??? Talk about bug eyes, he has some...

Darlene said...

You are cracking me up!!!

How did you even get that picture of the fly without it flying away?!?!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Joy, darlin', are you seeing the flying saucer again?

tina said...

Looks like a fly to me. I think we are no danger so relax now:)

CiNdEe said...

My brother just called me tonight and we talked about Aliens. He said to go watch online a YouTube about Buzz Aldrin. Interesting story about his trip to the moon and aliens that he saw there. Aliens on the Moon
Maybe you are right and the fly is a alien...(-: I better stop swatting the flies?(-:

gittan said...

Godmorning Joy, I wonder... if you're right about those aliens???? "LOL" / gittan

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lynn girl .. I swear I am taking them ! hehehe But wow on the complexity of colour and design on this guy , right ? : )

Darlene .. this is my mid-summer crack up time .. and the fly thing has gotten to me ?? LOL

Debbie girl .. honest to god a few days ago there was a huge multi-witnessed event with what was thought to be a plane crashing into the Ottawa river with a loud noise .. lots of people heard and saw it .. the government is trying to cover it up .. I swear this is true girl !

Tina .. I think we can relax because we are "gardeners" : )

Cindee .. I have heard about Buzz's experiences before .. quite a few years ago I did research for some reason and read a lot of what he had to say .. and the big government effort to cover it up .. along with what happened to the mechanical devices on Mars being blacked out .. it is all very interesting .. but I think you can keep swatting flies girl !

gittan .. girl you better double check before you swat a fly ?? LOL

Pat said...

Looks like a fly to me.
Maybe clozapine would work ? ha
More TV would help the summer shows.

Carrie said...

You may sound utterly crazy but by gum, have to got something there???!! Flies taking over the world.....Ummmm.
I'm off to take more of MY meds, hahaha

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Of course you didn't forget to take your meds this fine morning, you simply forgot to put your straightjacket on. ;-)

Anonymous said...

You really do crack me up Joy. ;) Thanks I needed a good chuckle after the past week I had.

Rose said...

Joy, you make even a fly look pretty!:) Glad you're taking your meds, but I think you might be chocolate-deprived, girl. My prescription is to eat some immediately, the darker the better:)

easygardener said...

It's the metallic colours that do it. Inside it could be anything. Remember the advanced Replicators on Stargate!

Weeping Sore said...

My personal alien theory is that cats and dogs are an advanced interstellar race visiting our planet to see if we're worthy of joining the galactic federation. Flies, in my scenario, are merely nasty critters that we could all do without. And you're right. They do seem a bit robotic. Warning: don't see the movie G-Force. It's got a robot fly, but at least he/she is on the side of good, not evil.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Patsi girl .. we NEED some good TV to occupy us when we aren't in the garden .. right ??
True Blood is INTERESTING .. so is Nurse Jackie ! : )

Carrie! I know I am right about this .. that fly looks too damn perfect doesn't it ? .. almost bed time here .. not 6 PM but it takes me that long to do the nightly OCD things I have to do .. I'm exhausted just thinking about it all ? LOL

Yolanda .. is that what the white "tunic top" with zippers and buckles is all about ? Holy crap .. I thought that was my girdle ?? Spanx ??? anyone ??? LOL

You are very welcome Racquel .. we all need a break .. or was that breakdown ? once in a while to hit the restart button all over again ;-)

Rose .. Thanks girl !
I think my problem is that I was depending on chocolate ice cream .. but obviously it is way too watered down on the chocolate meter to do any good .. so I might just have to do THAT !! hehehe

EG ! You are the first one to mention the dastardly "advanced" replicators !! .. I smell another scifi buff here .. or did I forget to have a shower today ? ^..^

WS .. thank you for that warning ! It might have sent me over the edge ;-) I will add aphids and earwigs to the list of insufferable insects .. plus all blood sucking varieties to cover all bases !!

Anonymous said...

Joy, I'm still taking my meds too but sometimes I swear the hover bees [or are they hover flies?] are on some sort of government mission to hover and buzz and watch while I garden. They've got tiny cameras that transmit back to mission control. No aliens. It's all a government conspiracy. Oops I said too much. LOL

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Grace girl .. there are so many conspiracies going on it is hard to keep track of them all .. like this nonsense that man has stepped on the moon (wink wink) we all know that just isn't so ?! .. Maybe these new flies came from those moon rocks that is conspiracy #4,377 as a reference guide ;-) hehehehe